McDonald’s Reviews Its U.S. Agency Model and Adds Wieden + Kennedy New York to Roster

McDonald’s has hired the New York office of independent agency Wieden + Kennedy for a major upcoming project, according to … More

KFC Made a Weird Animatronic Harland Sanders Robot to Take Your Drive-Thru Order

Wieden + Kennedy is back with another bot.

Six weeks after unveiling an animatronic sea creature for Old Spice’s S.Q.U.I.D. campaign, W+K wants you to say hello to—and maybe eventually order some fried chicken from—H.A.R.L.A.N.D., an animatronic Colonel Sanders head that speaks in the voice of the Colonel and is designed to physically pop up and take your order at a KFC drive-thru.

KFC’s Latest Promotion Is Out of This World

KFC is cooking up an ad campaign to introduce a chicken burger to the U.S. after it’s already been in 120 other countries and around since 1984. How do you make something sound new after that many times around the block? Why, an outrageous marketing campaign, of course. This is outrageous in a creative attempt to introduce a food product and not have anyone spend too much time asking, “If it’s so good, why are we last?” KFC, one of Yum Brands’ companies, plans to launch that chicken sandwich, called the Zinger, into space.