Chobani names seven startups for its next incubator class

Yogurt maker Chobani chose seven food startups from around the country to participate in its second incubator class. They will take part in workshops and mentoring events with Chobani employees for one week each month from September through December, plus receive $25,000.

This year’s participants are Chloe’s Fruit, a New York City company that makes soft serve and ice pops with only three ingredients; Farmer Willie’s of Boston, which makes gluten-free and less sugary ginger beer; Ithaca, New York-based Grainful, which produces frozen entrees and meal kits featuring steel-cut oats; LoveTheWild of Boulder, Colorado, which produces frozen fish meals; Pique Tea Crystals of San Francisco, which uses “superplants” to make tea; saffron and saffron product importer Rumi Spice of Chicago, and Snow Monkey of Santa Monica, California, which makes a plant-based ice cream.

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Burger King and Sainsbury’s Just Ran the First Snapchat Ads Shot Entirely on Spectacles

Nearly a year ago, Snap announced Spectacles, its high-tech sunglasses that records video, thanks to an integrated camera, from the wearer’s eye-level perspective. Spectacle’s branding potential has consistently intrigued marketers, as they can utilize the devices to create either organic or PR-driven buzz on Snapchat, Snap’s flagship property.

Burger King and Sainsbury’s are the first two Snap clients to use the glasses to shoot ads that appear on Snapchat. (Snap ran house ads, which were shot via Spectacles, on Snapchat earlier in the summer.) The creative difference between Spectacles’ clips and other footage lies in how the glasses capture video in a circular fashion.


The brands’ ads are going live today, with Burger King’s ad appearing via the app in the U.S. for National Cheeseburger Day and Sainsbury’s—which is a grocery store chain—rolling out in the U.K.

“This is the first time [we’ve] produced anything on Spectacles,” said Brooke Scher Mogan, Burger King spokesperson, via an email. She also noted, “The brand has done a bunch of successful campaigns with Snapchat in the past.”

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Ritz Taste-Tests Branded Voice Activation On Amazon Echo

Ritz Crackers is always looking for out-of-the-box ways to connect with its customers.

So when NUE Agency, which develops the music strategy behind campaigns for Ritz’s parent company Mondelez, suggested launching a voice-activated cooking show on Amazon Echo, Ritz marketing exec Lauren Sella was all in.


“As a brand, we’re about celebrating people getting together and providing inspiration to make those get-togethers even richer,” Sella said. “It felt like the perfect marriage of technology and what we’re trying to do.”

With help from technology incubator Betaworks, NUE and Ritz developed the first episode of Recipe Remix, a cook-along show with baked-in voice commands, featuring music from trumpet player Spencer Ludwig.

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How Diageo is planning for voice-based search

Despite early bets on Amazon’s Alexa, Diageo doesn’t have a voice strategy. The alcohol maker is, however, shifting some of its focus to conversational, long-tail search terms.


Diageo is laying the groundwork for when a large part of its search buying is for voice rather than text, or rather based on the meaning behind a query instead of a specific keyword. Much of Diageo’s early voice search efforts involve brainstorming what naturally spoken questions may be asked about its brands, especially because there’s a chance that cost per click could rise if there is only room for one paid search placement.

Bidding strategies aside, Diageo is also considering the feasibility of producing variations of ad copy that deliver the best possible answers. If someone asked for a Moscow mule, for example, not only would Smirnoff need to have copy in place to answer the query, it might also need copy ready if the next question were “What vodka should I buy?” or “What ingredients are in it?”

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BuzzFeed’s Tasty Is Launching a Smart Cooktop That Connects to Its New Recipe App

BuzzFeed is throwing its hat into the smart home ring with its latest IRL product, a smart cooktop. The cooktop, which is basically just a fancy hot plate that can track the surface temperature of a pan or pot and the internal temperature of the food, is now available for pre-order.


The Tasty One Top can handle almost any form of cooking: pans, pots, slow cooking, sous vide and more. Additionally, it gives you notifications when it’s time to flip your food and when it’s perfectly done.

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