Heineken® Unveils New Tribute To U.S. Soccer Fans And Their Love For The Game In New Digital Spot

In the spirit of togetherness and soccer’s rising popularity in America, Heineken® today is unveiling a new digital spot that pays tribute to fans and supporters. The beautiful game has the ability to bring people together, and this video is dedicated to soccer fans and their commitment to the sport, no matter who you are or what team you follow.

An extension of 2016’s “Soccer Is Here” campaign, the video, developed by Publicis New York, features International Spanish star and New York City Football Club (NYC FC) captain, David Villa, sporting a green shirt with the word “champion” emblazoned across the front. Elsewhere this season, fans of all levels at Major League Soccer games wore shirts with similar words written on them, which could be seen at various league matches and on live television. For the first time, soccer fans can now view the full message in a video, which states, “There is an invisible thread that links us all. No matter if you are red or blue, American or Americano, champion or fan, young or..uhm.. experienced, our love for this game unites us. And together we chant as one: Soccer is here.”

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Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s say rivals’ food tastes like ‘Diesel and Sadness’ in Campaign for $5 All-Star Meals.

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s humorously troll competitors in new ads for the chains’ $5 All-Star meals.

In spots that play heavily on value, the chains take aim at fast-food rivals like Subway–one spot, seen here, shows a guy in his basement guillotining what looks suspiciously like a $5 dollar sandwich from the sandwich seller.

Another ad talks about “playing dollar-menu bingo” and ending up with an un-appetizing looking “fish sandwich” while a third spot shows a man burning his mouth on a gas stastion burrito which “tastes like diesel and sadness.”

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 4.16.38 PM.png

New HelloFresh TV Ads Feature Real Customers

HelloFresh, one of the leaders in the still-nascent, closely watched meal kit market, continues to invest heavily in marketing and trial discounts in the U.S.

And its evolving advertising approach speaks both to growth and to the ability to do less explaining about the meal kit concept and more targeted benefits messaging.

Three new HelloFresh TV ads, from New York-based Pure Growth Consulting, continue the brand’s “Get Cooking” tagline, and a spirit of the joy of cooking. But whereas its “Tonight We Cook” spot that had been running since January, from Domani, featured a range of actors spanning ages and lifestyles and voiceover messaging, the new creative focuses on families, using the stories of real HelloFresh customers told in their own voices. There’s also a new emphasis on how the meal kits’ convenience can help families spend more — and less stressful — time together.

Read more at Media Post: https://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/307549/new-hellofresh-tv-ads-feature-real-customers.html

A Straight-Talking NYC Bagel Seller Is the Star of This Hilariously Authentic Campaign

82-Year-Old Edna Shares Her Views on Yoga, Juice Diets and England

Casting real people in ads remains hugely popular in 2017 as brands seek authenticity, but it can be a hit-or-miss affair. U.K. bagel brand The New York Bakery has struck comedy gold, though, by casting a genuine New York bagel seller, 82-year-old called Edna, in a funny new U.K. TV and social campaign for the brand.

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 12.58.50 PM.png

While the main 60-second commercial, seen here, may seem like something of a New York cliche, it’s in the social media clips that Edna really comes into her own: her views on juice diets, England, yoga and social media are utterly hilarious (or will be to Brits, who perhaps haven’t come across someone like her in real life).

Read more at Creativity-Online: http://creativity-online.com/work/new-york-bakery-the-woman-who-runs-new-york/52690


Ad of the Day: Guinness visits the Compton Cowboys, horse riders who said neigh to gang culture

Diageo’s Guinness continues to cause waves with its Made of More campaign, now telling the story of an eccentric group of men who raise and ride horses in Compton, LA.

The 90 second ad debuted on UK TV Monday 18 September and told the tale of a group of men who turned their back on the area’s much publicised gang violence to raise horses.

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