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Jimmy John’s, which already uses “Freaky fast” and “Freaky fresh” in its tagline, is expanding its use of the “f” word in the first campaign cooked up by its new CMO and creative agency.


Its newest tagline: “Freaky fast, freaky fresh, Jimmy John’s, freak yeah.”

“For years we’ve used freaky to describe our speed,” says John Shea, who joined in October as Jimmy John’s first CMO since 2007. “But freaky is really a way of life for us at Jimmy John’s. We’re freaks about the speed, quality, freshness, [and] the sandwich making, and being freaks we’re obsessed with things that normal people don’t even think about.”

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Dr Pepper Snapple Group is starting to spread the word about its new brand, Straight Up Tea, and, while doing so, is spreading some wild rumors about what sparked the Boston Tea Party.

In its first national campaign from the Richards Group, the tea brand (which claims to be made from only all-natural ingredients), takes viewers back to Dec. 16, 1773, where they find themselves on a ship in the Boston Harbor preparing to toss some chests of tea into the sea alongside the Sons of Liberty.

But this time, the protesters could care less about taxation without representation—all they care about is ridding Boston of tea made with artificial ingredients. And they’ll risk death to do it.

One can probably guess which tea brand (naturally) gets spared in the 15-second TV ad below.

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Velveeta is among the many brands that this week are pushing a Royal Wedding-themed product–and it’s made a funny royalty-themed ad to go with it.

The Kraft Heinz brand has renamed its Shells & Cheese product as “Crowns & Cheese” for the big day on May 19. The crown-shaped pasta is packaged alongside the original Shells & Cheese and a gold-plated spoon in a gold foil box, and Velveeta will be offering the boxes to the first people to enter on, while supplies last.

To promote Crowns & Cheese, agency David Miami has fun with the idea of eating like a princess in an online spot. In the video, a Meghan Markle/Kate Middleton brunette lookalike (well, kinda) is given lessons on “how to act like a royal princess.” This apparently involves sitting demurely, wearing long skirts and stupid hats, no selfies, drinking very little and eating even less. “F*** this,” says our heroine eventually, before going on to tuck into a bowl of Crowns & Cheese. The tagline is “Who wants to be a princess, when you can eat like a queen?”

Jeff & Pete of Fish Face directed the spot.

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Heineken Ireland has launched a new campaign called “The Joy of Simple” for its new premium cider Applemans which now joins its stablemate Orchard Thieves.

The agency partners working on the campaign include Rothco, Starcom, MCCP and Thinkhouse.

According to Emma-Jane McKeown, senior brand manager of Appleman’s: “Irish people expect, and deserve, choice – they have it in wine and in beer – why not in cider? Cider drinkers were starved of choice for years but now, with the launch of Appleman’s and the growing popularity of Orchard Thieves, we are able to say that Irish people have choice in cider. Globally, Heineken is famous for producing some of the world’s most loved cider brands and we’ve applied this cider knowledge, passion and expertise to develop Appleman’s.

“We’ve worked closely with our agency partners on the development of the brand’s marketing activities -– rejecting all ideas that do not retain our ethos of celebrating the joy in simple. This has been an incredible journey – from inception to launch, developing everything specifically for the Irish market, with the collaboration, guidance and support of our global team and our cider master.”


Arby’s may have The Meats, but McDonald’s newer, somehow fresher beef is so great that none of the celebrities starring in its latest ad campaign even need to bother talking about it.

OK, that’s not quite true.

The new work from We Are Unlimited is all about some sly closed captioning. Here, for example, is one Charles Barkley telling you what he thinks about his quarter pounder, which was cooked right when he ordered it.

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