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Burger King, the fast-food purveyor that has been known to pull a stunt or two, is celebrating fake food holiday National Doughnut Day in a bizarre fashion. The chain plans to serve a “Whopper doughnut,” which is the traditional burger with a big hole cut in the middle. This novelty food will be available in locations of the chain in Boston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, and Salt Lake City this Friday, June 1. And because doughnut holes are a thing, the portion of the Whopper that was cut out of the middle will served on the side as a slider.


Domino’s, sometimes described as a technology company that makes pizza, is promoting its newest innovation in an old-school way: running a print ad in a newspaper. Domino’s first-ever ad in the New York Times runs Monday on the back page of the main section. At first, it just looks like the chain’s domino logo but a closer look reveals that image is composed of the names of thousands of locations where the chain now delivers–even when there’s not a regular street address.

Domino’s launched 150,000 so-called Hotspots in April such as beaches, dog parks and ball fields. The locations were selected with the help of franchisees who suggested where locals hang out and might want to order pizza. Starting Tuesday, Domino’s will ask customers to suggest other possible hotspots, which it plans to add to the online ordering system after an approval process.

Now, it’s delivering to pretty much anywhere a person suggests, as long as it’s deemed to be a safe location. Even deep into the woods? Possibly. A TV spot shows a Domino’s staffer traveling from hotspot to hotspot attempting to do “grand opening”-style ribbon cuttings at each and every location. He and a driver head from outdoor place to outdoor place, even delivering to Sasquatch, who clearly doesn’t have a street address.

The campaign comes from CP&B, which has worked with Domino’s for a decade. So far, some hotspots have proven quite popular, such as truck stop distribution areas, says Kate Trumbull, Domino’s VP of advertising and Hispanic marketing. “We’re seeing that there are really unique places that are popular for people to leverage the hotspots,” says Trumbull, who adds that hotspots near colleges are also doing well.

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Land O’Frost is no new kid on the block, but it’s getting ready to show an entirely new side to consumers as it makes plans for aggressive growth. The 60-year-old family-owned company is launching a reimagined brand, coupled with its first-ever national advertising campaign.

Reggie Moore, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Innovation, Land O' FrostReggie Moore, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Innovation, Land O’ Frost“The new Premium brand campaign speaks to budget-conscious moms who want a wholesome and affordable snack or meal that gives their family the energy to get through their busy day,” commented Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Innovation, Reggie Moore. “Through this campaign, Land O’Frost is bringing attention to our flagship brand on a national scale and supporting our aggressive growth plans. We are excited to go live with this campaign today as it provides us a platform to introduce Land O’Frost to many new consumers that will experience our high-quality products for the very first time.”

The campaign uses humor to showcase the key qualities of Land O’Frost Premium Sliced Meats, which have no added hormones, no by-products, and the protein parents want for their families, according to a press release. It does this through the characters that know the most about making a great sandwich–the ingredients, of course!

The campaign was placed by Merkley+Partners in New York and supported by a public relations campaign conceived by FleishmanHillard in Chicago and will show in a series of TV and online spots, as well as social videos. The company said that the media buy supporting the campaign will create an unprecedented brand by targeting programs on network television, cable, and in syndication. Overall, the campaign is scheduled to reach approximately 91 percent of U.S. households.

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Wonderful Pistachios, America’s fastest-growing snack brand, launched its first ever multimillion-dollar integrated marketing campaign specifically for its Wonderful Pistachios No Shells brand. The campaign entitled, “Sometimes, Naked Is Better,” has some cheeky fun by covering up famous nude figures in classic works of art with outrageous clothing. In the end of each scenario, the artwork and its subjects are displayed in their original, ideal form, driving home the point that naked is often better. At least when it comes to classic art and snack nuts.

The campaign will kick off with a “Sometimes, Naked Is Better” digital video starring Venus de Milo, one of the most famous works of ancient Greek sculpture, which is permanently displayed at the Louvre Museum in Paris. The video humorously brings to life what happens when Venus is off the clock. After working 13-hour days, 6-days a week, Venus de Milo has little time for anything but the essentials, so naturally Wonderful Pistachios No Shells offers her an easy-to-eat snack solution that keeps her fueled on the go.

The “Sometimes Naked Is Better” campaign was created by Wonderful Pistachios’ in-house creative team, Wonderful Agency, led by Chief Creative Officer Darren Moran. “Some people like to undress their Wonderful Pistachios themselves and that’s great,” said Moran. “But if you’re on the go, or a statue that long-ago lost its appendages, having a pistachio that’s already naked is just all-around better. And you don’t have to be an art lover to appreciate that.”

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For Oscar Mayer, bacon is as good as money. Well, that’s according to the brand’s latest campaign which introducers diners to a new, porky cryptocurrency: Bacoin.

After 100 years of making bacon, Oscar Mayer is paving the way in the burgeoning fintech landscape by introducing Bacoin, the first-ever cryptocurrency backed by the gold standard of Oscar Mayer Bacon, a campaign done with Mcgarrybowen.

Starting today, Oscar Mayer is giving away a limited amount of Bacoin that fans can mine, track the value of and cash out for real packs of Oscar Mayer Bacon at

Similar to other cryptocurrencies, the value of Bacoin can be volatile. However, Bacoin stands out by the fact that bacon lovers can boost value by spreading the news via Twitter and email on the website. The more they share, the greater Bacoin is worth. When ready, Bacoin owners can select the best time to cash out and receive real packs of Oscar Mayer Bacon.

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