adam&eve DDB Raises a Glass to Love for McCain’s ‘We Are Family’ Campaign

‘Here’s to Love’ spot was directed by Knucklehead’s Finn McGough

adam&eveDDB Raises a Glass to Love for McCain’s ‘We Are Family’ Campaign

McCain has launched ‘Here’s to Love’, the next execution of the We Are Family series, turning the spotlight onto relationships and love by celebrating how a wide range of different couples connect nowadays.
Created by adam&eveDDB, the £3.2 million multi-channel We Are Family: ‘Here’s To Love’ campaign will be rolled out across TV, VOD, OOH, cinema, print and online media and social channels for six weeks.
The advert, which was directed by Knucklehead’s Finn McGough, is the second in the We Are Family series and shines a light on couples with a diverse mix of real people. The first advert, which launched last September, featured real families in their homes and the reality of modern day family life and mealtimes – the new campaign is an extension of its focus on teatimes which it started in 2015.
Stemming off the back of research which identified that 84% of consumers were unable to recall seeing anything in popular culture that featured a family like their own, the campaign celebrates real relationships and love, with the intention of reflecting the reality of the British population who buy McCain products.
‘Here’s To Love’ debuts on Channel 4 on 9th February, targeted at adults looking to make weeknight meal occasions special and highlighting the suitability of McCain’s chilled and frozen range. McCain first entered the chilled potato category in September 2016, focusing on two-person households through the launch of two new ranges. This meal for two at-home experience has been replicated in the latest advert, which also aims to touch on the growing consumer demand for products that mirror dining out trends and offer a simple option for adults looking to cook something tasty for tonight.
Featuring the voice of actor and comedian Ricky Tomlinson, the advert follows eight couples during everyday moments and highlights how they interact with one other over meal-time.
This will be complemented by wider activity across PR, led by freuds, with content featuring the stars of the We Are Family: ‘Here’s To Love’ advert, uncovering their meal-time habits as they connect over their ‘something nice for tonight’ dinners.
Mark Hodge, Marketing Director at McCain, commented: “It was great to work with all the couples in the latest iteration of the We Are Family campaign. Their genuine relationships shine through in the advert and showcase the true pleasure of coming together with the people we love and the special mealtime moments we connect over, which is what this campaign is all about. As a family company focused on people and values, and as a major advertiser in the UK, we’re proud that we continue to lead the way in celebrating the diversity of people up and down the country through our marketing and content.”
Ben Tollett, Group ECD at Adam&EveDDB, commented: “We wanted to create an ad that threw a spotlight on real couples’ nights in. Not in a schmaltzy, sappy way. But in a truthful, emotional way. Here’s to the eight brilliant couples who invited us into their homes to film them doing their thing. Proof once again that it’s ordinary people that make our world extraordinary.”

MillerCoors debuts Two Hats brand with ‘Good Cheap Beer’ campaign to woo non-beer drinkers

Brewing giant MillerCoors is introducing a new line of beers to reach young adults who don’t drink much beer, and with it a new campaign designed to appeal to that demographic.

Two Hats is a new brand of light beers with a hint of all-natural fruit flavor with two options, lime and pineapple, that won’t break the bank. The brand describes it in a release as “a good, cheap option that suits the taste and budget of a new generation of drinkers who aren’t currently big on beer.”

The accompanying campaign, called ‘Wait, What?’ is launching entirely on digital – a first for MillerCoors when launching a new brand – and will flood the internet with memes that they hope will make viewers say, “Two Hats is good, cheap beer. Wait, What?”

The simple campaign is certainly meme-ready, featuring quick videos (with six- and 15-second options) that show the beer and a ‘whoa’ face by a very 1970s-looking dude. One has the added element of slo-mo destruction as a bowling ball smashes into a pin-setting of wine bottles, stating: “Good cheap beer is coming… Stop your wine-ing,” meant to appeal to the current wine drinker who might just switch to a lighter beer.

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Bud Light Releases Final Ad in ‘Dilly Dilly’ SB Trilogy

Bud Light today released the final ad in its “Super Bowl Trilogy.”

The three ads — extensions of the brand’s “Game of Thrones”-inspired “Dilly Dilly” campaign — were designed to have something of an episodic thread.

The first ad, released during the Steelers and Texans NFL game on Christmas, features a wizard doing his stuff in a medieval court. The second, “Ye Old Pep Talk” — featuring a disastrously uninspiring speech by the king to his badly outnumbered and out-weaponed soldiers — debuted in mid-January during the NFC/AFC Championship games.

In the final ad (below), from Wieden + Kennedy, the beleaguered soldiers’ hopes are raised by the appearance of the massive “Bud Knight” — but he nearly abandons them amid his preoccupation with buying Bud Light for his friend’s birthday party.

The 60-second ad, filmed in New Zealand ad directed by Jim Jenkins, will air during the second quarter, after a 30-second version of “Ye Olde Peptalk” airs in Q1.

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KFC’s dancing chicken most complained about ad of 2017

Chickens? Dancing? A Kentucky-Fried-themed rap? Throw them all together and you’ve got yourself the most complained about ad of 2017.

Of the 30,000 complaints made to the UK’s advertising watchdog, the Advertising Standards Authority, last year, 755 of those were about KFC’s ‘The Whole Chicken’, seeing it top the chart for the second time after its hugely unpopular Zinger Crunch Salad ad received a whopping 1,671 complaints back in 2005 (and where it remained for another nine years).

However, despite concerns that it was disrespectful to chickens and distressing for vegetarians, vegans and children, the ASA ruled it was unlikely the ad would cause distress or serious widespread offence and KFC’s chicken was allowed to waltz away into the sunset (or wherever it was on its way to).

It turns out people aren’t big fans of men dancing in denim hot pants and heels either, with’s ‘strutters and builders’ campaign featuring in the ASA’s top 10 for a third year running.

Again, despite the 455 complaints made, the ASA didn’t think the ad was overtly sexual or possibly homophobic – like many of the complainants did – and let the ‘#epicsquad’ continue to dance their way to cheaper car insurance.

Dove’s controversial breastfeeding ads, which were criticised for using language such as ‘put them away’, received 391 complaints and were pulled by parent company Unilever before the ASA could launch an investigation.

McDonald’s also dodged interrogation and removed its TV ad featuring a boy and his mum talking about his dead father over a Filet-O-Fish, which generated 256 complaints.

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Land O’ Lakes wows with hand-crafted animation

The Martin Agency may be known for their smart Geico ads, but this week the agency is getting accolades for its work for Land O’ Lakes butter, thanks to some incredibly detailed hand-crafted animation.

The Martin Agency worked with artist/designer/director Kyle Bean, whose work inspired the new Land O’Lakes ‘Farm to Table’ campaign. Bean and the team at Hornet built a miniature farm for Land O’Lakes’ simple message that shows that the company delivers its products from their dairies to your dinner table.

Every single set element was crafted from various household materials, down to the ends of paint brushes to create the tiny wheat fields. The ad starts by showing a container of butter, then that farm grows up around the butter, even featuring a moving tractor through the fields. A short behind-the-scenes video captures the art of that transformation.

Music and lyrics were crafted specifically for the creative concept by Lullatone, a Japanese musical duo based in Nagoya. For its amazing attention to detail and simple, direct message, our readers voted it the US Creative Work of the Week.

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