McDonald’s new campaign for its Buttermilk Crispy Tenders is based around the premise that they’re so good, Grandma can get a new lease on life, freed up from having to make homemade ones.

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A series of 15-second spots, directed by Brian Billow of O Positive for We Are Unlimited, sees grandmothers enjoying a variety of new activities: having a massage, trying out a virtual reality headset, lazing in a pool, completing a jigsaw puzzle of a hot young guy and doing stand-up comedy telling jokes about millennials. In longer spots, such as the one seen here, Grandma sarcastically bemoans the fact that she no longer needs to spend her time slaving in the ktichen.

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Just in time for Columbus Day, Astral Tequila presents “Columbus Day: A Reenactment,” an ad starring Jonathan Goldsmith, the Artist Formerly Known as the Most Interesting Man in the World. (In June, in the wake of Dos Equis moving on to another actor to play Mr. Interesting, Astral released a teaser in which Goldsmith declared that “I told you, I don’t always drink beer.”)

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Goldsmith’s job here is to play an old white dude sitting alone at a bar; he holds a cigar, sips tequila and make eyes at a woman we’re to assume is Indian (she’s wearing a sari) across the bar. He then leaves his seat, drink in hand, perhaps to flirt in person — but suddenly bumps into another woman (kinda weirdly hard, shoulder to shoulder). This woman, we’re to assume, is Native American (she’s wearing a buckskin dress, a turquoise pendant and a feather earring). He looks her over and obviously like what he sees — and she seems to like what she sees too, because she smiles, he smiles, he says “Hello,” and they clink drinks.

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‘Eaters of New York’ Storm Madison Square Garden in Seamless’ New Ads

New Yorkers love the wry “How New York Eats” campaign for Seamless, with its witty headlines digging into truths about the real NYC. Now, BBH New York is back with new ads for the food delivery service, an out-of-home, print and digital campaign that’s more about characters than headlines.

The new “Eaters of New York” campaign features an array of classic NYC characters illustrated by Emile Holmewood of design agency BloodBros. The campaign begins with a takeover of signage at Madison Square Garden, and will continue Oct. 11 with a five-page cover wrap on TimeOut New York.

The digital portion of the campaign includes the “Become a Character” contest. Instagram users are encouraged to upload a selfie tagged #HowNewYorkEatsContest for a chance to win a portrait of themselves illustrated in the style of the campaign.

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Barton F. Graf Proves That Pop Secret Is Better Than All of Your Favorite Things

Another week, another opportunity for the folks at Barton F. Graf to get a little weird.

The agency’s new tagline for Pop Secret brand popcorn is “Better Than Everything,” as in everything you have experienced or could possibly imagine. The full extent of Pop Secret’s awesomeness is limited only by the boundaries of your own mind.

Of course, if we really get down to it, all popcorn does have those kernels that get stuck between your teeth or up on the roof of your mouth. And it’s one of the best things for spoiling a young appetite. Many brands don’t even use real butter!

We’ve asked this before, but since we’re big fans of repetition: how much does Gerry Graf love David Lynch? And when can we get a beer with his favorite casting directors?

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‘Bullsh*t Free Eggs’ for Vital Farms by Preacher

Vital Farms is calling complete bullshit on Cage-Free and looking to educate people about how “Pasture-Raised” is the only truly ethical and humane way to support egg production. The central focus of the “Bullsh*t Free Eggs” campaign is a funny 2-minute video starring a real Vital Farms farmer, Missouri-based Stuart Dill and award-winning Chef Bryan Caswell (“The Next Iron Chef”).

The full video will run with paid media behind it online and in cut-downs, in addition to merchandise bearing the bullsh*t free message, like T-shirts, mugs, window clings for partnering Vital Farms restaurants and coupons for free VF eggs.

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