McDonald’s Sponsored a Snapchat Bitmoji That Steals Your Coffee in Augmented Reality

When it comes to Snapchat users messing around with their bitmojis, McDonald’s is hoping they’re loving it.

McDonald and Snap have partnered for the platform’s first sponsored bitmoji. The augmented reality feature, which rolls out today, aims to promote its McCafe products and lets users have their 3D Bitmoji steal a coffee cup from them. In an almost elfish manner, the character mischievously runs around the cup before running off the screen—McCafe and all.

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The feature was created with We Are Unlimited—a Chicago-based agency that runs McDonald’s social, digital, retail and data marketing in the U.S.—along with Resolution Media and OMD. According to We Are Unlimited chief creative officer Toygar Bazarkaya, the campaign is part of McDonald’s plan to get more involved with holiday marketing than in the past.

“It’s just a playful take that even your avatar behaves like you,” Bazarkaya said. “You have to have your coffee first before you go about your business.”

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What’s On the Menu? Augmented Reality and 3-D Food Models

At Vino Levantino wine bar in New York City, the desserts are delicious but not always so straightforward.

“We have a few desserts that are not usual … or people (are) not familiar with them,” owner Haim Amit said. “Like we have the kadaif, I mean, not everyone knows what’s kadaif.”

Rather than explain the traditional Middle Eastern dessert to customers, Amit shows them.

Using the Kabaq augmented reality application on an iPad, he demonstrates how virtual, 3-D models of desserts can now be superimposed onto the tabletop in front of customers.

The 3-D models look incredibly realistic, not to mention mouthwatering.

How it works

“Humans are visual creatures,” Kabaq founder Alper Guler said. The tech startup is helping diners decide what to eat, and in the process, giving traditional menus a digital twist.

Guler and his team visit participating restaurants to capture 3-D images of their dishes. Using a portable, tabletop photo booth, they place dishes on a turntable inside.

“What we do is we turn the food every second and stop it, and capture from that angle,” Guler said. Cameras placed at varying heights capture all possible angles and the images are processed back at Kabaq offices to create 3-D models. Kabaq charges $99-$199 per month for their services.

Sales, fun increase

The technology is proving to be good for business.

Amit said that overall sales have increased about 22 percent since the business began using Kabaq in June.

“We’re helping restaurant owners to raise their check averages by selling more desserts,” said Guler, who likened Kabaq to a modern-day dessert cart.

“There’s a lot of really strong applications for visualizing the food and showing the customer what they’re going to get,” said Mike Cadoux, Kabaq’s head of sales and partnerships. “If I was going to get the $17 pasta, but I see the $28 steak and it looks amazing, and I go for the $28 steak, that’s a huge value add to so many restaurants up and down the street.”

But it’s also the opportunity for a unique dining experience that Amit says has customers noticeably excited.

“They don’t expect it and they really like it. They’re surprised that we come with something digital, it’s almost like a toy,” Amit said.

On a recent night, two 20-something customers took an immediate liking to the app.

“It’s like you have the whole plate in front of you, it’s amazing,” one said.

Foodies love the technology

3-D scanning technology, in which objects are captured from all sides, is turning out to be a good fit for foodies.

Artist Romain Rouffet used 3-D scanning to create a 3-D recipe for banoffee piethat users can zoom in and out of and view from all angles. The resulting video is potentially a sign of innovations to come.

“Augmented reality and 3-D viewing and these kinds of medium … are just integral to that next generation of experience,” Cadoux said.


Ben & Jerry’s Created a Facebook AR Filter That Challenges You to Catch Marshmallows in Your Mouth

If you open up Facebook today to use one of the platform’s augmented reality filters, Ben & Jerry’s wants you to play a little game with your selfie.

To promote a new marshmallow-flavored ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s and 360i created a Facebook AR filter that overlays a pair of eyeglasses and ice cream cones onto a selfie using a phone’s rear-facing camera. Once users click on the filter, marshmallows begin falling from the sky, and users are encouraged to catch as many as they can in their mouth. After five missed marshmallows, the game ends. The ice cream cones at the bottom of the screen keep track of missed treats.

“We’re always excited to explore the latest and greatest technology within social,” said Jay Tandan, U.S. digital marketing manager at Ben & Jerry’s, in a statement. “We felt that the emerging opportunities within Facebook AR were worth digging into.”

While there haven’t been a lot of interactive Facebook AR filters, a number of brands like Wendy’s and Kraft Mac & Cheese have used similar gamelike features within Snapchat lenses.

The Facebook filter is part of a bigger campaign to launch the ice cream brand’s newest partnership with Jimmy Fallon. On Wednesday night’s episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the late show host launched Ben & Jerry’s latest flavor—Marshmallow Moon, a vanilla ice cream base with s’mores ingredients mixed in.

Unlike other Ben & Jerry’s flavors, Marshmallow Moon can only be purchased in the brand’s shops and online as part of a new initiative called Special Stash, in which Ben & Jerry’s makes microbatches of flavors for limited periods of time. The brand claims on its site that these Secret Stash flavors are “so weird and wild that they can’t be produced in large batches.” All proceeds from Fallon’s Marshmallow Moon are donated to the SeriousFun Children’s Network, an organization that aids children with serious illnesses.

This isn’t the first Fallon-involved flavor the company has rolled out. The late-night host also has his own flavor called The Tonight Dough (comprised of caramel and chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookie swirls and two different flavors of cookie dough).

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Fanta Delivers The Frights to London with 4D Halloween Lift Experience

Fanta worked with MediaCom to create immersive Halloween experience in the confines of a lift at Thorpe Park and Westfield in Stratford

Fanta Delivers The Frights to London with 4D Halloween Lift Experience

An experiential virtual reality campaign called ‘Fanta: The 13th Floor’ is set to scare audiences just in time for Halloween, as users enter a physical lift that transforms into an immersive Halloween experience.

Fanta’s campaign – which was devised and produced by MediaCom’s content division MediaCom Beyond Advertising – uses the latest technology to deliver a 360° virtual reality experience. Each ‘ride’ lasts for four minutes, where the user arrives at different floors of a building on the way to a Halloween party. Each floor then presents a different scenario: on one floor something comes forth from the shadows in an otherwise unassuming corridor, on another a shadowy figure transports from the realm of flickering TV screens to the confines of the lift.

4D elements add to the excitement, with a lifelike rumble emitting from the lift floor as the elevator stops at the various levels whilst a whoosh of air greets the user as the virtual doors open. It is the first time the drinks company has used an experiential of this magnitude to drive engagement.

Thorpe Park and Westfield shopping centre in Stratford will host three lifts each, aimed at 16-19 year olds to generate buzz and excitement for the orange soft drink Fanta during the Halloween period.

To drive further scale to the activation the 360 video can be viewed here. Mediacom will be promoting this through online video and paid social channels.

Rosalind Brown, Marketing Manager, Coca-Cola Great Britain, said: “Halloween is the one time of year when we can all unleash our inner dark-side and embrace everything which is fun about the freakish and frightening. Our limited-edition Fanta cans and bottles, along with our exclusive Snapchat partnership, definitely help add a bit of drama and intrigue to the fright-night season. However for those brave enough, we have brought the fun of Halloween to life with our Virtual Reality experience which is now live at Thorpe Park and Westfield Stratford. For those who dare to enter it’s a shocking, fun filled ride to the 13th Floor!”

Mike Gibbons, Art Director at MediaCom Beyond Advertising, said: “This is an exceptional piece of creative storytelling designed and delivered by the talented folk at Mediacom Beyond Advertising. We love being able to draw from the different skillsets from within MBA, here utilising both the Original Content and Experiential teams, to create engaging campaigns. I recommend you track down some VR goggles, a pair of headphones and appreciate this immersive experience in all its glory.”

The media agency worked with video production company Kode Media and boutique VR Production agency TrojanVR, a joint venture that saw the companies develop, shoot and deliver the 360° elements of the experiential campaign in an incredibly short time frame. Jack Goodwin at Kode Media, said: “We’re pleased to have made a range of work with MBA over the last few years, but we all knew this project was going to be a whole new challenge. Given that we wanted to do almost everything in-camera, we were keen to assign acclaimed Kode director, Jim Weedon, to the project. Jim worked closely with TrojanVR, the design team, cast and production team gluing all of the live action elements together.”

Louis Figgis at TrojanVR continues: “With just six weeks for the entire project, many said it couldn’t be done but we were a team utterly dedicated to making a truly unique VR experience, despite the tight turnaround. We believe the best VR experiences are like theatrical productions and this was a great example: action perfectly choreographed, high-end art direction and costume design, with physical performances that simply can’t be captured in CGI. Real people, real scares.”

The innovative campaign is due to run in Thorpe Park until 1st November and Westfield shopping centre until 28th October.

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Twizzlers taps Facebook lens for ‘World Smile Day’

Twizzlers rolled out a branded Facebook lens that superimposes a virtual candy rope and brand logo over real videos of users in its latest campaign, “You can’t be serious with Twizzlers,” in honor of World Smile Day on Oct. 6, according to MediaPost. The campaign also includes seven TV spots, a long-form video, content created by six social media influencers and hashtag #Twizzlering to connect fans and serve as a hub for user-generated content.

The Hershey Company brand initially claimed the lens was the first brand partnership for the Facebook feature, which launched in March, but later retracted the claim, MediaPost reported. The brand is still an early adopter of the feature. Users can access the lens by clicking on the camera or Stories sections in the Facebook app.

The campaign originally launched in spring 2016 based on “poking serious people and catching their unserious reactions,” according to Mona Hasan, creative director at CP+B, the agency behind the campaign. “This filter is our way of loosening them up.”

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