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Diageo has introduced a new virtual reality experience that will immerse consumers in a first person, interactive story about the dangers of binge drinking, as part of its commitment to reduce harmful drinking.

It builds on the drinks business’s 2016 launch of ‘Decisions’, a 360-degree experience that placed consumers in the front seat of a fatal drink-driving crash.

diageo VR

73% of people who viewed the film said they were more likely to stop other people from drinking and driving, while 75% said they would prevent drinking and driving by planning ahead with a designated driver.

“We’re continuing to use virtual reality technology for social responsibility initiatives because the immersive experience brings to life the terrifying realities and dangers associated with binge drinking,” says James Thompson, chief marketing and innovation officer, Diageo North America.

“While drunk driving and underage drinking are at historic lows, binge drinking rates have remained stable. Diageo has long been recognised as an industry leader in responsible drinking programming, and our hope is to build on our previous successes with virtual reality to reach our audience on an emotional level and prevent future detrimental impaired decisions associated with binge drinking.”


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Bareburger is progressing in how it uses Snapchat. Instead of using the platform for one-off influencer promotions, the restaurant chain is experimenting with technical features on the platform to drive people to its restaurants.

Nabeel Alamgir, CMO of Bareburger, said Snapchat has evolved to the point where the restaurant can actively use it in ways beyond the typical promotional post.

“Before, [Snapchat] only had geofencing and other minor functions for brands,” he explained. “It was either that or huge campaigns that cost $10,000 minimum for a month.” In 2017, Bareburger used the platform primarily for influencer campaigns. For instance, Bareburger worked with Snapchat influencer @eatingnyc on a post that garnered 104,000 views and 5,100 shares in three days.

Now, Bareburger is taking advantage of Snapchat’s new Lens Studio, released at the end of 2017, to set up campaigns with geotargeting and augmented reality, features that deliver interactive elements that are key to getting people into the chain’s 44 locations around the world, Alamgir said.

Starting April 16, the restaurant chain is running a contest on Snapchat, giving away free burgers, fries and shakes to people who scan Snapcodes they receive in takeout and delivery bags. To redeem their prizes, people post a Snapchat Story using Bareburger AR images and then bring the Snapcode to any Bareburger location.

Bareburger is also running an AR filter people can access using the same Snapcode, which shows the menu items users can win and helps customers visualize menu items — including portion size and ingredients — before ordering, whether that’s for take-out, delivery or at a restaurant. The contest will run for a week, but the AR menu filter will remain available.

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New single malt scotch whisky The Glenlivet Code is coming to market with an intriguing AR tasting experience created in conjunction with Shazam.

The whisky, inspired by British Code breakers, promises a “labyrinth of flavours that will test the senses of even the most discerning whisky drinker”.

As part of this test, the bottle will have no ingredient information. Instead drinkers are given a Shazam QR code that will deliver them to an experience that lets them explore the whisky and its tastes, all in the spirit of decoding the ingredients.

Users are taken into a virtual room where they will be greeted by The Glenlivet’s master distiller, Alan Winchester. Tasters will be ranked on how well they decode the ingredients in the bottle, a score that can be measured against peers on social media in a gamified campaign.

The official tasting notes won’t be revealed until the end of the year. Glenlivet will hope the air of mystery, the interactive tasting experience and the allure of new tech will draw in consumers to the proposition.

Winchester said: “With The Glenlivet Code, we had a unique opportunity to create a whisky that has never been crafted before, using new casks and techniques to push the boundaries of what people expect from The Glenlivet.

“We’re excited to invite consumers worldwide to take on the ultimate challenge by unlocking its mystery taste. The interactive experience will allow whisky enthusiasts at all levels to build their knowledge of the category while also developing a deeper understanding of The Glenlivet.”

Miles Lewis, senior vice president, Shazam, added: “Shazam is ​honoured to ​partner with The Glenlivet ​on such a unique project. The code breakers would have been amazed by Shazam, and now our technology is bringing millions of people an interactive layer to a world-class whisky. Let the code breaking commence.”

The Glenlivet Code will open to 28 markets in March 2018 starting at $120 USD.

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Tastemade wip up some tex-mex in 360 degrees.

life in 360 tastemade

They say, do they not, that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That getting some food inside you at the beginning of your activities is good for fuelling not only your physical activity but kickstarting your brain into action – and without so much as a monetary pledge.

It was while answering a friend’s question on the subject of food I was suddenly reminded of Tastemade. It’s been over a year since we last featured them on Life In 360° and I figured now would be a good time to check back in with them. Sadly, it seems they’re no longer producing 360 degree videos, which is a shame because their little kitchen adventures were actually quite a neat way of using the technology with what they were doing in post production.

If you’re not familiar with Tastemade they are “a global community of food and travel lovers” and their videos often feature both, taking in the sights and culture not just with their eyes but with their stomachs too. To give an example of their content in the last few weeks we’ve had videos on meals from everything from a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich, Filipino pancit miki guisado, asparagus egg drop soup and Korean candied fried chicken wings. Okay, maybe only one of those is actually ‘suitable’ for breakfast, but that’s not the point.

If you’d like to see more from Tastemade VRFocus previously featured them making some delicious looking cheesy breakfast tacos with bacon and avocado relish and Guy Turland showcased his take on some classic surf and turf with a lobster roll.

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Ever since I saw Chewie and CP30 playing hologram chess in Star Wars as a kid, I’ve been intrigued by the idea of creating virtual images and worlds.

screenchow podcast chef the spoon

A generation later, I more fascinated than ever by what we now call augmented and virtual reality. I’m especially intrigued about where these new technologies intersect with food, and a week doesn’t go by where I read about an innovator creating a new way to enhance the shopping, restaurant or cooking experience with AR or VR.

Another person excited about this fast growing space is Jenny Dorsey. A year ago, the professional chef had an epiphany: she needed to become the foremost authority on nexus point between AR/VR and food.

On the podcast, I catch up with Jenny to hear how her journey to become the go-to expert in this exciting area is going and learn about some new and interesting ways that augmented and virtual reality are changing food.

You can listen to the podcast below, download here or find it on Apple podcasts.

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