Skyy Vodka and Absolut are competitors on the bartender’s shelf, but today, the brands have come together to support same-sex marriage, in a new Australian social campaign from TBWA/Sydney and TBWA network agency Eleven.

The ad, posted on both Skyy and Absolut’s social media accounts, depicts the two brands’ bottles standing side by side, with a rainbow-colored heart in between. Copy reads, “The Skyy’s the limit when we have Absolut equality.”


Australia is currently in the midst of a public vote the High Court initiated to gauge opinion on whether the country’s 1961 Marriage Act should be amended to protect same-sex couples. Whatever the outcome, the vote will have no legal repercussions, although Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has promised to introduce legislation to legalize same-sex marriage if the majority of the country votes in favor of marriage equality, according to CNN.

We’ve seen brands come together for social causes before. Amazon, Johnson & Johnson and Goya joined forces to help create in-the-moment educational opportunities for children with the Vroom initiative from Johannes Leonardo. Burger King had asked McDonald’s to create a McWhopper in the name of world peace, but ended up teaming up with Denny’s and three other brands on the Peace Day Burger.

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While Burger King is famous for pulling stunts in the name of selling burgers, its latest prank has a more noble cause. At one of its restaurants, the fast feeder decided to serve its Whopper Jr. sandwiches–only after its servers gave them a serious beating –punching and smashing them until they looked completely unappetizing.

Customers, of course, were none too pleased and complained immediately when they saw what happened to their meals. But their shock, it turns out, only helped to make an important point.

While the burger beating was going on, Burger King had also staged a different kind of bullying at the same restaurant: that of a high school junior being taunted by other kids, who said mean things, shoved him and dumped a drink on his meal. It was an act, but the restaurant patrons didn’t know that.

In the end, a whopping 95 percent of people who got bullied burgers got up from their seats to complain, BK says in the video. But only 12 percent did anything to try to help the kid who was attacked.

The video is being released Wednesday for National Bullying Prevention Month in partnership with the group No Bully, which says 30 percent of students worldwide are bullied.

BK’s anti-bullying message is not the only one running online. Monica Lewinsky recently released a video that speaks out against cyberbullying.

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Join the Fight Against Childhood Hunger by Hosting a Friendsgiving for No Kid Hungry

Inspired by the rapidly growing trend of Friendsgiving celebrations, Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign invites all to kick-off the holiday season by giving back to kids in need. Friendsgiving® for No Kid Hungry encourages holiday hosts to put a seat at the table for the one in six kids in America struggling with hunger by adding a fundraising component to their celebrations. Every $1 donated to No Kid Hungry through Friendsgiving connects a child in need to 10 meals.

By signing up to host, individuals receive access to extensive resources needed to execute a successful Friendsgiving event and inspire others to donate to their fundraiser, including décor templates, fundraising tips, a planning checklist, fundraising prizes and more. Hosts also obtain exclusive recipes and expertise from esteemed culinary supporters such as William Elliot, mixologist and bar director of Maison Premiere; Melissa and Emily Elsen, bakers and founders of Four & Twenty Blackbirds; Zack Mills, executive chef of Wit & Wisdom; and Jason Neroni, chef partner of Rose Café.

Food Network personality and cookbook author, Melissa d’Arabian, hosted a Friendsgiving benefitting No Kid Hungry in October to teach her daughters the importance of giving. “The holidays can be a stressful time and even more so when you are hungry. Friendsgiving for No Kid Hungry is a fun and easy way to make holiday celebrations count and help kids who need it,” said d’Arabian. “Childhood hunger is a solvable problem, but it’s up to us to do our part to ensure all kids have access to the healthy food they need. Let’s put the ‘give’ back into Friendsgiving.”

“Friendsgiving continues to grow as thousands of individuals across the country open up their homes to friends and family to celebrate the season and raise funds for hungry kids,” said Debbie Shore, Co-Founder of Share Our Strength. “We’re so proud to have the support of the culinary community as well, sharing their recipes and expertise with our hosts.”

Friendsgiving for No Kid Hungry is striving to raise over $500,000 from hosts across the country this fall, which can connect hungry kids to up to five million meals.

Friendsgiving for No Kid Hungry is supported by popular manufacturer of kitchen tools and gadgets, Tovolo, and Tastefully Simple, making mealtime simple and fun with delicious seasoning, sauces and baking mixes.

For more information about Friendsgiving for No Kid Hungry, including information on partner resources and to sign-up to host, visit

About No Kid Hungry
No child should go hungry in America, but 1 in 6 kids will face hunger this year. Using proven, practical solutions, No Kid Hungry is ending childhood hunger today by ensuring that kids start the day with a nutritious breakfast, eat healthy summer meals, and families learn the skills they need to shop and cook on a budget. When we all work together, we can make sure kids get the healthy food they need. No Kid Hungry is a campaign of national anti-hunger organization Share Our Strength. Join us at

Media Contact: Allison deBrauwere,, 202-649-4362

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Mentos Solidified Its Place in Pop Culture With Cheesy Commercials and Weird Science

Fritz Grobe and Stephen Voltz spent six months practicing for the wacky piece of performance art they dubbed “Experiment #137,” planning their choreography and testing various explosive combinations of Diet Coke and Mentos candy.

Inspired by the fountains at the Bellagio hotel, the science buffs hoped to create a geyser-filled spectacle and capture it on video. “We crossed our fingers, and we started,” they wrote on their company’s website of their firs attempt at filming their fizzy, hypnotic exploits.


1. In the HBO series Entourage, actor Vincent Chase (played by Adrian Grenier) got his big break in a Mentos goofy “Freshmaker” commercial, one of many pop culture namechecks for the brand. 2. and 3. Vintage print ads—one starring Albert Einstein—tout benefits of the mint beyond fresh breath. 4. EepyBird Studios co-founders Fritz Grobe and Stephen Voltz demonstrate the process of “nucleation” created when Mentos and Diet Coke mix. Translation for nongeeks: the carbon dioxide in the soda attaches to the candy, creating so much pressure that the concoction explodes. 5. In another EepyBird experiment, 108 two-liter bottles of Coke Zero and 648 Mentos powered a “rocket car.

The resulting three-minute video, shot in a single take, became a massive internet hit in the summer of 2006, making stars out of the EepyBird Studiosco-founders. They recreated their viral sensation on live TV, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Ellen DeGeneres and David Letterman, won Webby Awards, toured several continents and set Guinness World Records for ever-grander experiments. (There was a sequel, sponsored by Mentos and Coca-Cola, and later a soda-and-mint-fueled “rocket car” with a video shot in 3-D.)

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These ‘Bite Size’ Horror Films, From Mars Candy Brands, Are the Best Halloween Ads in Years

Viewers watching various Fox networks over the past week have been visited by some strange and chilling advertising just in time for Halloween. For this, they can thank Fox and Mars candy brands, which teamed up to get up-and-coming horror directors to make disturbing short films—which have been running in their entirety during commercial breaks.


Four “Bite Size Horror” films (they are all two minutes long) have rolled out so far. The one that’s gotten the most attention is “Floor 9.5,” presented by Skittles, written by Simon Allen and directed by Toby Meakins. (Allen and Meakins previously worked together on the Vimeo staff pick horror shorts Breathe and LOT254.) “Floor 9.5” ran during a Yankees-Indians playoff game on FS1 last week, and judging by the Twitter reactions, it clearly freaked people out.

The film tells the creepy tale of an office worker who gets stuck between the 9th and 10th floors of a building while riding the elevator. When the elevator doors open, she sees a man standing in the shadows, facing away from her. He asks for her help, and against her better judgment, she obliges…

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