KFC says ‘chick-or-treat’ with vintage Col. Sanders costumes

To get its customers into the Halloween spirit, KFC has released vintage Colonel Sanders costumes and limited-edition trick-or-treat buckets that look like its signature packaging, according to a press release. The brand is selling the costumes on its newfangled e-commerce site, KFCLimited.com, and the buckets at select locations for a limited time.

The costumes are affordable, costing just $5 for the full get-up, just as the brand’s $5 Fill Ups cost that amount, George Felix, KFC’s U.S. director of advertising, noted in the release. The buckets are made of plastic with a sturdy handle and come in five designs featuring the Colonel as different Halloween classics including a mummy, werewolf and vampire.

In their pricing and appearance, the costumes intend to recall the dime-store costumes kids bought in the ’70s and ’80s, with vacuum-molded plastic masks and a vinyl bib that looks like Colonel Sanders’ trademark white suit and string tie.

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KFC’s Col. Sanders is a playable character in ‘WWE 2K18’

KFC brand icon Colonel Sanders will make a unique appearance as a playable character in the “WWE 2K18” video game, per news made available to Marketing Dive.

WWE Hall of Famer, General Manager of WWE’s flagship program Raw and former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle will have two playable versions in-game, with one being Colonel “Angle” Sanders. The special outfit is only available to people who pre-order the game. The Colonel Harland Sanders character can be accessed through the game’s Create-a-Superstar play mode.

The game features were announced on Sunday during WWE’s “Hell in a Cell” event co-presented by KFC and the video game publisher 2K. WWE and KFC will show off the virtual Colonel in the ring on WWE’s YouTube gaming channel UpUpDownDown on Oct. 12, where Angle will face off with his rival Puppers Cluckers Chicken as portrayed by Heath Slater.

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KFC Commercials: 9 Fun Colonel Sanders Actors

Fast food icon Colonel Sanders is known the world over and Kentucky Fried Chicken is doing their best to remind of us of his enduring spirit of hospitality with an ensemble cast of actors and comedians. Jared Cotteris now serving a bucket full of KFC colonels!

1.  Ray Liotta

The newest addition to the colonel family is Ray Liotta from the classic movie Goodfellas. Now that is some sold GOLD casting there!

2.  Darrell Hammond

There’s been a carousel of eight comedic colonels since 2015 and it all started with this hilarious comedian and former Saturday Night Live cast member.

3.  Norm Macdonald

This fellow SNL alumn and funny man donned the white suit just three months after Darrell.

4.  Jim Gaffigan

In 2016, out of nowhere, Norm flew the coop this popular stand-up comedian swooped in.

5.  George Hamilton

That summer of 2016, they hit the beach and found this legendary actor. Good thing he found some KFC sunblock!

6.  Rob Riggle

That fall, actor and comedian Rob jumped into the bucket of Colonels. The Step Brothers star saved the day as the Football Coach Colonel.

7.  Vincent Kartheiser

A month later this Mad Men star crooned his way onto the scene.

8.  Billy Zane

At the beginning of 2017 KFC went back in time, casting Billy as one of Biff’s sidekicks from Back to the Future.

9.  Rob Lowe

They recently hit the bottom of the bucket with the latest take on the late great chicken icon. Rob’s Astronaut Colonel is hoping to keep KFC’s marketing scheme flying sky high.

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Colonel Sanders Gives GPS Directions Via Cassette Tape in KFC’s Latest Stunt

After all his different incarnations, where can Colonel Sanders go next?

His latest stop is quite an unexpected one, as the voice of your GPS — on cassette tape.

KFC and Wieden & Kennedy’s latest Colonel-themed stunt revolves around a cassette (yes, remember them?) of Sanders’ voice giving GPS directions. Beginning in KFC’s hometown, Louisville, Kentucky, and ending at its Big Chicken restaurant in Marietta, Georgia (which recently featured in an animated film by the brand), the tape narrates a rambling drive through the part of the country responsible for its Georgia Gold Honey Mustard BBQ and Nashville Hot. It includes a stop in Corbin, Kentucky, where Colonel Sanders invented his Original Recipe.

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Ray Liotta Takes on Two Roles As KFC’s Latest Celebrity Colonel

The club of KFC’s celebrity colonels has a new member.

As some might recall, Vincent Kartheiser hawked Nashville Hot-style chicken late last year, followed by Billy Zane as the Georgia Gold Colonel (covered in gold) earlier this year. They are two of a seemingly ever-growing lineup of celebrities donning the Colonel’s white suit (or in Zane’s case, gold suit). More recently, KFC has been using footage of the actual Colonel Harland Sanders in some commercials.


Now, actor Ray Liotta is the face of both Georgia Gold and Nashville Hot. A new spot has him sitting at the desk of Colonel Sanders, where both styles are repeatedly shown named before the “Goodfellas” star bellows “what have I become?”

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