White Castle Consolidates Creative with Merkley+Partners

The country’s oldest burger chain has consolidated its creative account with Merkley+Partners.

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White Castle selected Merkley+Partners as its new creative agency of record without a review after assigning the retail portion of its creative account to the agency last July. Resource/Ammirati formerly handled the fast food portion of the account, after being selected as agency of record following the brand’s last review in 2014, replacing Zimmerman Advertising. Crossmedia New York continues to handle media buying and planning for White Castle.

White Castle spent around $7.8 million on measured media in 2016 and $7.6 million in the first six months of 2016, according to Kantar Media.

“Certainly, there are efficiencies by consolidating our business with one agency. However, having worked with Merkley for some time now, what really excites us are the ideas and energy we know they will bring to our communications with our consumers, also known as ‘Craver Nation’,” White Castle CMO Kim Bartley said in a statement.

“Expanding our relationship with White Castle satisfies a craving we’ve had for some time now,” added White Castle CEO Alex Gellert. “It makes us very proud to be awarded additional assignments from clients that you already know, respect and really enjoy working with.”

from AgencySpy: http://www.adweek.com/agencyspy/white-castle-consolidates-creative-with-merkleypartners/142412

8 Cookbooks You Can Read Like…Books

It’s easy to find recipes. Thousands of tips for the gooiest chocolate chip cookies and YouTube tutorials for how to ensure, this year, your turkey won’t be dry, are out there for your taking. And popular as they are, those high-speed cooking videos rob the experience of its ritual, while the increase in on-demand, recipe-in-a-box services means the novice and hobbyist cooks miss out on the the experimenting, discovery and improvising that make the kitchen exciting. It’s led many to wonder about the fate of the cookbook. How quaint, it seems, to crack a spine for your ingredients and instructions.


But cookbooks aren’t always instruction manuals. Often, they tell deeper stories of the dish, whether its the history of the ingredients or the way the author came to the recipe. They draw you into the world of their food, sometimes so much that you get lost in them before you get the chance to get out your frying pan. But also, get out your frying pan, because you’ll want to make everything you find in these books.

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New Liquid Death water wants to lure millennials with killer marketing

Premium water brand “Liquid Death” is making a splash among millennial consumers thanks to an edgy marketing campaign, according to Ad Week. Brand creator Mike Cessario told the publication that his team married the “fun, irreverent” advertising usually associated with energy drinks and beer with a healthy product to attract this demographic.

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Liquid Death’s campaign includes a two-minute funny video that positions water as the most dangerous drink in the world. In less than 2 months, the ad gained 1.2 million views on Facebook. It’s average shares per post, likes per post and engagement percent has dwarfed that of Monster, Red Bull and bottled water rivals.

Liquid Death’s packaging is a departure from traditional beverages aimed at younger consumers. Unlike the bright colors and flashy type typically used, Liquid Death’s can more closely resembles that of craft beer. Cessario says when placed next to other youth-focused products, Liquid Death’s water will stand out against its competitors.

Dive Insight:

Naming a life-supporting beverage “Liquid Death” is certainly an unconventional way to capture consumer attention. While most competing brands tout health benefits and showcase images of soothing mountain springs or waterfalls, this new brand embraces water’s dangerous side.

Company founder Mike Cessario told Ad Week that today’s youth is very focused on health and better-for-you products. However, it’s often junk food that uses branding that younger consumers can relate to. By taking the healthiest beverage on the planet and marketing it in a cheeky, rebellious way, Cessario hopes to deliver a desired product aesthetic to an underserved demographic.

The name Liquid Death quickly establishes who the brand’s target audience is. And while its counter-culture message seems like it could be a slam dunk for teens and young adults, it will likely alienate their parents. The video does, after all, poke fun at yoga moms and features an actor simulating water boarding with the product at the end of the spot. But this us-versus-them positioning that touts Liquid Death as the real deal compared to bottles “designed to be yoga accessories,” could boost its premium allure for younger consumers.

Read more at Food Dive: https://www.fooddive.com/news/new-liquid-death-water-wants-to-lure-millennials-with-killer-marketing/515225/

Traction Wins Riviana Foods Account

Riviana Foods has appointed Traction as agency of record for three of the rice and pasta company’s brands: Ronzoni, Creamette and American Beauty.

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Traction will provide strategic and creative leadership across all aspects of brands’ customer experience.

The agency landed the account after working on a project basis for the brands. Through this relationship, Riviana became impressed with the San Francisco-based agency’s creativity paired with data-driven insights to “make impact in a world where people are actively tuning out advertising,” says Traction’s chief executive officer Adam Kleinberg.

Riviana’s three brands have struggled to establish relevance with younger Millennial audiences and were in need of fresh thinking. Traction will lead advertising creative, communications strategy and other consumer touch points such as presence on shelf.

The first work under this partnership will debut later this year.

“I grew up in New York with a box of Ronzoni on the kitchen counter,” said Kleinberg, “so it’s a special honor to be trusted with the responsibility of reinvigorating these brands that have such deep nostalgia in the regions they serve. The work will undoubtedly reflect that heritage, but present it with new relevance to their customers.”

“After working with Traction on a project basis, we believe their approach to delivering provocative, integrated creative and communication planning will drive growth and bring new relevance to our portfolio of strong, regional brands,” stated Sandra Kim, senior vice president, marketing at Riviana.

from MediaPost: https://www.mediapost.com/publications/article/313317/yum-traction-wins-riviana-foods-account.html

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