ALECIA: The First-ever Shoppable Streaming Video Network Officially Launches

As a pioneer in the emerging video commerce market, ALECIA, the first shoppable video streaming service, is officially launching as a subscription-free, shoppable, video-on-demand network.  The platform combines the ease of video streaming with instant shoppable content, creating a network that will rival the current streaming blueprint, and redefine the way consumers are influenced to shop from their smartphones, tablets, and computers.

ALECIA‘s platform is built upon interactive technology that makes on-screen products instantly available for purchase to viewers as they continue watching, uninterrupted. With thousands of brands and products made available, viewers have the ability to simultaneously watch and shop from their favorite shows, all with the click of the remote or tap of the screen.

ALECIA‘s content line-up includes licensed TV shows and movies along with originals developed and produced exclusively for the network. The service features DAY content relating to cooking, home décor, fashion, beauty, parenting, and fitness as well as NIGHT primetime content ranging from reality tv shows to action movies.

Regarding the content, Founder and CEO Alecia Vimala, states “not only will we be vigilant in our commitment to deliver quality programming, we will be steadfast in our efforts to promote inclusion.”

ALECIA is the first shoppable, video-on-demand network; streaming TV shows, Movies and Lifestyle Videos. It’s subscription-free, and available to stream on and via the ALECIA app for mobile devices, tablets and smart TVs. Soft launched in the Fall of 2016, ALECIA, was founded and is owned by Alecia Vimala, MBA. Born and raised in Tennessee, Vimala, is committed to shaping the states influence on the Tech World, and has chosen the southern state to be the home base for ALECIA’s corporate office and warehouses’, ignoring all suggestion to head to Silicon Valley where brands like ALECIA have been known to flourish.

from PRNews Wire: