Chopt Expands Partnership With Makeable, Naming It ‘Innovation Agency of Record’

Chopt Creative Salad Co. has expanded its project-based partnership with Makeable, naming the New York shop its “innovation agency of record” to handle all digital responsibilities plus products and services, creative marketing, promotions, design, social and communications.

Makeable’s first project under the designation will be to develop a new creative platform for all of Chopt’s marketing efforts.

According to the agency, Makeable has been collaborating with Chopt for several years, namely by developing digital products for the company. The agency also launched a new website for Chopt in 2017. The AOR appointment comes as the operator of currently 57 fast-casual restaurants in New York, Washington, D.C., Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia and North Carolina plans to expand.

“Makeable is a part of the team, not simply an agency we work with,” said Chopt Creative Salad Co. CEO Nick Marsh. “We plan, ideate and strategize together … and they have built us awesome digital products that are driving significant growth. Now we’re looking to expand and embrace all of what they can do for our brand and marketing efforts.”

Read more at Agency Spy:


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