Coca-Cola buys Texas cult favorite sparkling water brand Topo Chico for $220 million

Coca-Cola is buying Topo Chico, the Mexican mineral water brand that has grown a cult following among Texas’ hip beverage connoisseurs, the head of the brand’s United States presence, Gerardo Galván, confirmed to The Dallas Morning News on Monday.

A press release from Topo Chico’s Monterrey, Mexico-based parent company Arca Continental — already the second largest Coke bottler in Latin America — said The Coca-Cola Company bought the rights to the brand in the U.S. for $220 million.

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The deal was made through the American beverage giant’s Venturing & Emerging Brands unit, which aims to grow a portfolio of “smaller, high-value brands” that don’t make soda, like Honest Tea and ZICO coconut water, according to Coca-Cola’s website.



How Budweiser Wins: By Wrapping Itself in the American Experience

Is there any US brand with a stronger heritage than Budweiser? Maybe not, but the flagship of Anheuser-Busch hasn’t been taking any chances lately as it strives with various marketing initiatives to build on its formidable image.

US sales of mainstream beers such as Bud and Miller Lite have flagged for years as they compete with imports and craft brews and reckon with the atomized tastes of the millennial generation.

But nobody can grow to drinking age in the United States without knowing what Bud is. The brand has established a ubiquitous presence in sports marketing, including  the National Football League, and more recently is sponsoring its own “Made in America” music festivals with Jay Z, who also received his own Budweiser spot with “Dream. On.”

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Coca-Cola’s Corporate Brand Campaign Moves Beyond Soda

Since James Quincey took over as Coca-Cola Co. CEO in May, the company in earnings calls and investor presentations has been selling itself as a “total beverage company” with a product portfolio that goes beyond its namesake cola brand. On Sunday night, the marketer will bring that message to a national audience with a TV ad that is part of a new corporate branding campaign.

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The spot, airing during NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” broadcast, seeks to reintroduce the beverage giant to Americans as the company completes a decade-long refranchising initiative that returns ownership of local bottlers to independent companies. In doing so, Coke sold off capital-intensive manufacturing and distribution operations as it evolves into a company with a central focus on marketing and innovation.

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Deutsch Kicks Off College Football Season for Dr. Pepper with ‘Larry Nation’

Deutsch looks ahead to the college football season for Dr. Pepper, bringing back the brand’s Larry Culpepper character for the fourth consecutive year.

In the spot, Culpepper claims “fans are craving Dr. Pepper more than ever.”

So he’s assembled a team to deliver the beverage to show up to “tailgates, the cheap seats, love seats” or anywhere else college football fans are craving Dr. Pepper. There’s even a surprise walk-on to the team.

The Culpepper character was created back in 2014 to get around the fact that while Dr. Pepper is an NCAA sponsor they aren’t allowed to show logos for any individual teams.

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