KFC Launches ‘Innovations Lab’ to Crowdfund Its Most Ridiculous Ideas Yet

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It’s not easy to bring absurd products to life. Shit gets expensive. 

So, KFC is shifting the burden—in a nice way—to consumers by launching the KFC Innovations Lab, an Indiegogo site that asks for crowdfunding donations to get more “innovative” (aka, ridiculous) KFC-branded products into production. 


The campaign, dreamed up by Wieden + Kennedy Portland, begins with five products that you can support. They include a hot tub that looks like a KFC bucket; a cardboard KFC picnic table; and a cane that doubles as a TV remote control. 

Each product has a different fundraising goal, ranging from about $10,000 (for a location-tracking necktie) to more than $2.2 million (to stage a “Colonel on Ice” ice-dancing show). Donations don’t earn you any equity in the products if they eventually get made, but you can get KFC swag (like puffy stickers or sweatshirts) for donations of a certain level. (If the products are never made, you’ll get your money refunded.) 

Check out the 5 products & the rest of the article at Muse: https://musebycl.io/advertising/kfc-launches-innovations-lab-crowdfund-its-most-ridiculous-ideas-yet

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