These Burger King Face Masks Can Communicate Customers’ Orders for Them

There are a lot of things to get used to during a pandemic. One of them is trying to make yourself heard while wearing a face mask, which can often feel like a soundproof barrier. Taking it off to talk obviously renders the safety precaution useless, so quieter talkers have had to get used to increasing their volume—especially when doing things like ordering takeout in person.

But what if your mask did the talking for you? With its latest marketing stunt, Burger King Belgium did just that. In partnership with agency Buzzman, it’s launched a line of face masks that have your order printed across the front so all you have to do is walk toward the counter, and the cashier has all the information they need to feed your craving.

To get one of these masks, all fans have to do is comment with their Burger King order on special Facebook posts, or create an Instagram Story with their order typed over a blank mask, starting early September. The creative team is producing 500 masks, all customized.

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