While Burger King is famous for pulling stunts in the name of selling burgers, its latest prank has a more noble cause. At one of its restaurants, the fast feeder decided to serve its Whopper Jr. sandwiches–only after its servers gave them a serious beating –punching and smashing them until they looked completely unappetizing.

Customers, of course, were none too pleased and complained immediately when they saw what happened to their meals. But their shock, it turns out, only helped to make an important point.

While the burger beating was going on, Burger King had also staged a different kind of bullying at the same restaurant: that of a high school junior being taunted by other kids, who said mean things, shoved him and dumped a drink on his meal. It was an act, but the restaurant patrons didn’t know that.

In the end, a whopping 95 percent of people who got bullied burgers got up from their seats to complain, BK says in the video. But only 12 percent did anything to try to help the kid who was attacked.

The video is being released Wednesday for National Bullying Prevention Month in partnership with the group No Bully, which says 30 percent of students worldwide are bullied.

BK’s anti-bullying message is not the only one running online. Monica Lewinsky recently released a video that speaks out against cyberbullying.

from Creativity-Online: http://creativity-online.com/work/burger-king-bullying-jr/53014


Burger King Dug Up a Bunch of Tweets From People Complaining About Wendy’s and Turned Them Into Ads

Talk about savage. To promote its new spicy chicken nuggets, Burger King is subtly taking aim at Wendy’s—known for its vocal, personality-driven account—on Twitter.

In March, Wendy’s announced that it was removing its popular spicy chicken nuggets from its menu and fans began venting on social media and even set up a Change.org petition asking Wendy’s to reconsider its decision.

Now, Burger King has launched its own version of the item and it’s throwing some shade at Wendy’s via social media. The burger chain evidently trolled through tweets from people complaining about not being able to get their hands on nuggets and is running promoted tweets against them so that months-old tweets populate in newsfeeds.

Take a look at a handful of the tweets Burger King paid to promote.

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Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s say rivals’ food tastes like ‘Diesel and Sadness’ in Campaign for $5 All-Star Meals.

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s humorously troll competitors in new ads for the chains’ $5 All-Star meals.

In spots that play heavily on value, the chains take aim at fast-food rivals like Subway–one spot, seen here, shows a guy in his basement guillotining what looks suspiciously like a $5 dollar sandwich from the sandwich seller.

Another ad talks about “playing dollar-menu bingo” and ending up with an un-appetizing looking “fish sandwich” while a third spot shows a man burning his mouth on a gas stastion burrito which “tastes like diesel and sadness.”

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 4.16.38 PM.png

Burger King Opened a Bus Line in Brussels to Take People to Its One Restaurant There

Brussels, Belgium, has waited a good long while for its first-ever Burger King restaurant, and the transition hasn’t been smooth.

Remember when we mentioned the brand likes to showboat? Early on, to tease its arrival in the Belgian capital, it released ads that literally asked people to choose between Burger King and the actual king of Belgium, King Philippe.

The monarchy was not having it.

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McDonald’s Spoofs Fragrance Advertising in U.K. Spot for ‘Luxury’ Burger Range

McDonald’s is promoting a new “gourmet” burger range, the “Signature Collection” in the U.K. with a spot that spoofs high end fragrance ads.

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 11.13.05 AM.png

The Signature Collection, which has been on trial in selected restaurants, will be made available in more than 900 McDonald’s restaurants across the U.K. by the end of 2017. In a move that seems designed to compete with the popularity in the U.K. of upscale burger chains like Byron Burger and Gourmet Burger Kitchen, the premium burgers are served in a brioche-style bun. They are available in three flavours, The Classic, The BBQ and The Spicy, featuring ingredients such as “natural” cheddar cheese, wholegrain mustard and Batavia lettuce.

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