New lead creative agency Duncan Channon tells audiences to “Be Both” for SweetTarts

The new ‘Be Both’ campaign aims to introduce SweeTarts to a new generation of candy lovers. At a time when Gen Z rejects one-dimensional definitions of identity, ‘Be Both’ celebrates the intersection of their passions, expressions and tastes — and connects this multiplicity back to SweeTarts’ colliding flavors, textures and forms.


Developed by the candy’s new lead creative agency Duncan Channon, the work brings to life the brand’s new, vibrant and design-forward visual identity. In four new animated TV spots, people who appear to be one way – a prim ballet dancer, a shy partygoer, a modest older woman and a methodical scientist – and are revealed to be much more than what they seem at first glance. The multiple aspects of the characters’ identities mirrors SweeTarts’ diversity of flavors, textures and forms, which are visually woven throughout the spots.

The 15-second TV spots will air nationally on stations reaching audiences aged 18-24, such as E!, Comedy Central, ESPN, FX, IFC, MTV and Vice WWE, as well as on Hulu and social channels. The brand’s heavy media investment will be supported with a robust social media presence and influencer activity.

from The Drum: