Tazo Pokes Fun at Sedate and Serene Tea Ads in First Campaign From Vice’s Agency, Virtue

Are naked men with full-body tattoos your cup of tea? How about death-rockers that tool around in hearses, or psychedelic music festivals with fire-breathing freaks?


Such is the stuff of Tazo’s quirky new commercials, the brand’s first big push since being purchased by Unilever more than a year ago. Rolling out this week across video channels, social media and cinemas, the millennial-focused campaign, “Brew the Unexpected,” also marks Tazo’s debut collaboration with Virtue, the agency owned by Vice Media.

“The campaign creative plays with cultural assumptions around a category frequently associated with cozy relaxation or meditation,” George Hamilton, marketing director at Unilever Teas, tells Adweek. “We wanted to show that Tazo isn’t that kind of tea.”

To do so, Virtue crafted a series of 15-second sitcom-style spots with silly twist endings. In the first ad below, two friends engage in some “girl talk,” though you’ll have to watch until the end to get the full picture.

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