Carl’s Jr. ditches bikini clad, burger-eating models in hilarious new campaign

Carl’s Jr. ads featuring female models and celebrities chowing down on burgers (and the occasional salad) courted controversy for years.

In 2017, the chain officially abandoned the long-running campaign but its latest commercial will be eerily familiar to anyone who remembers Paris Hilton’s car-washing, burger-eating antics.

On Monday, the chain launched a new commercial featuring Australian comedian, actor, writer and mom Celeste Barber. Barber, who has 5 million Instagram followers, devotes her account to recreating photos of models and famous people (who are often wearing next to nothing) to promote more realistic beauty standards.

The new campaign, according to Carl’s Jr., will roll out in a series of ads across TV and social media platforms. It will also feature other stars, like singer/songwriter Ashlee Simpson-Ross and Matthew McConaughey, who voiced an ad for the chain’s bacon cheeseburger earlier this year.

Carl’s Jr. first turned heads in 2005 with its commercial of hotel heiress and famed party girl Paris Hilton washing a Bentley in a bikini while biting into a large, juicy burger (never mind that those two activities really shouldn’t be done together) and, at the time, the spot was credited with helping the burger brand compete with bigger chains.