Campbell Ewald Named AOR For Nemiroff

Marketing communications agency Campbell Ewald announced today that it has been named Agency of Record for Nemiroff, one of the world’s top-selling Vodka brands.

Nemiroff, which is sold in 80 countries, is one of the top 10 vodkas worldwide and the third brand in duty free. Campbell Ewald will be tasked with launching its national distribution in the United States, including creative, media and interactive responsibilities.

Campbell Ewald is well versed in the spirits industry; also working with Clyde May’s Whiskey, and its partnership with Nemiroff will expand the agency’s relationship with Conecuh Ridge Distillers.

“Based on the great work that Campbell Ewald has done for our Clyde May’s brand, we’re excited to add Nemiroff to the agency’s roster,” said Roy Danis, President & CEO of Conecuh Ridge Distillers.  “Nemiroff is universally recognized as one of the world’s best tasting vodkas and we can’t wait to introduce it to U.S. vodka drinkers.”

“We’re thrilled with the opportunity to introduce Nemiroff to the U.S.,” said Sal Taibi, President, Campbell Ewald. “Nemiroff is one of the biggest global brands that most people in the U.S. have never heard of. This is an opportunity to create a breakthrough concept in the vodka category with a proven product that will create excitement with consumers.”

First work for Nemiroff will launch later this year.

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Firehouse Agency Beats Out GSD&M, Loomis to Win Lennox and Dairy Queen Texas

Dallas-based indie agency Firehouse has been on a local roll recently, picking up a couple of big regional accounts over the last couple of months in Dairy Queen Texas and Lennox Residential, a top maker of HVAC systems.

The Lennox win, which broke this week, makes Firehouse the Richardson, TX-based company’s first AOR. Its campaigns had previously been handled by a variety of agencies including GSD&M on a per-project basis over the past 15 years. The finalists in this review were Firehouse and the Omnicom shop.


Terri & Sandy Named AOR For Fruit Drink SunnyD

Ad agency Terri & Sandy has been awarded AOR duties for Harvest Hill beverage brand SunnyD following a formal review.

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Harvest Hill hasn’t released any advertising for the fruit-flavored beverage for more than two years, but previously worked with Boulder-based Grenadier. Media duties remain with MediaStorm.

SunnyD is undergoing a brand repositioning, and T&S is tasked with developing new creative aimed at Gen Z and their parents. In the past, SunnyD has toggled between advertising to kids or their parents.

T&S will launch its first work for SunnyD in early 2018, kicking off with an integrated national brand campaign.

Personal relationships helped T&S land this account. Founders Sandy Greenberg and Terri Meyer previously worked with Harvest Hill CEO John LeBoutillier at Kraft.  “Their strong strategic capabilities paired with big, transformative ideas, led us to have great success together. We are excited to team up with them to reinvent SunnyD,”  says LeBoutillier.

SunnyD is currently T&S’s sole account with Harvest Hill, which also markets beverages under the Juicy Juice, Little HUG, Veryfine, Fruit2O, Daily’s, Big Burst, Guzzler, and Nutrament brands.


Barton F. Graf Proves That Pop Secret Is Better Than All of Your Favorite Things

Another week, another opportunity for the folks at Barton F. Graf to get a little weird.

The agency’s new tagline for Pop Secret brand popcorn is “Better Than Everything,” as in everything you have experienced or could possibly imagine. The full extent of Pop Secret’s awesomeness is limited only by the boundaries of your own mind.

Of course, if we really get down to it, all popcorn does have those kernels that get stuck between your teeth or up on the roof of your mouth. And it’s one of the best things for spoiling a young appetite. Many brands don’t even use real butter!

We’ve asked this before, but since we’re big fans of repetition: how much does Gerry Graf love David Lynch? And when can we get a beer with his favorite casting directors?

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Colonel Sanders Gives GPS Directions Via Cassette Tape in KFC’s Latest Stunt

After all his different incarnations, where can Colonel Sanders go next?

His latest stop is quite an unexpected one, as the voice of your GPS — on cassette tape.

KFC and Wieden & Kennedy’s latest Colonel-themed stunt revolves around a cassette (yes, remember them?) of Sanders’ voice giving GPS directions. Beginning in KFC’s hometown, Louisville, Kentucky, and ending at its Big Chicken restaurant in Marietta, Georgia (which recently featured in an animated film by the brand), the tape narrates a rambling drive through the part of the country responsible for its Georgia Gold Honey Mustard BBQ and Nashville Hot. It includes a stop in Corbin, Kentucky, where Colonel Sanders invented his Original Recipe.

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