Burger King Staged a Car Fire on a Highway, and Surprised Those Who Stopped to Help

Today is Good Samaritan Day. And rather than spend 15 minutes whipping up a dumb social post, Burger King goes the extra mile with a fun real-world stunt—staging a car fire on the side of a highway, and then offering a special treat to the good samaritans who stopped to help.

The film, by David Miami, was shot on a stretch of road in Vasquez Canyon, California, and the good samaritans who stopped “are real,” the brand tells us.

See how it played out here:

The film showcases the genuine outpouring of concern from those who pulled over to lend a hand, quickly turning to relief as they realized the flames were from a grill, and not an engine fire,” BK said in a statement. “These good samaritans were prepared to help in any way possible, from running up with fire extinguishers to attempting to douse the flames with a handful of sand.”

The fast-food chain adds: Sometimes a simple gesture can be a reminder of how great it feels to do good.”

BK has been really into real-world stunts lately, reprising a tactic of CP+B’s for the brand a decade ago. Recent examples include the famous “Bullying Jr.” and “Whopper Neutrality” stunts.

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