Chipotle wants proof its TV commercials drive burrito sales

Chipotle is looking to prove its TV commercials actually drive sales of tacos and burritos.


As TV networks work to compete with Google and Facebook, the industry has been on a mission to prove that airing a commercial will lead to some sort of business result for marketers—the holy grail being, of course, driving a purchase.

While many network groups have been testing various attribution models, thus far they have been limited to guaranteeing other forms of business outcomes, like website visits or test drives.

Turner struck a seven-week deal with Chipotle to guarantee commercials that run on its networks, which include TBS and TNT, will generate a sales lift. The deal was facilitated through Chipotle’s agency Mediahub, a division of MullenLowe Group.

Turner will have to provide make-goods—essentially free credits—if there isn’t a sales lift.

The goal is to change the way TV is transacted, which for decades has been based almost solely on Nielsen age and gender metrics. But while this is an important step forward, we are still in the infancy of TV attribution.

For one, it’s been a challenge to get marketers to open their books on sales data, even to their own agencies, according to one media buyer.

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