The 50 Biggest Pop Culture Food Moments of 2017

No doubt about it; 2017 was a tough one, a seemingly endless cycle of fallen public figures, trying national tragedies, and politicians who’d rather push their constituents apart than start the healing process. The blurry line between food and pop culture has provided some relief, however, numbing the noise with TV and movie tie-ins, onscreen feasts, fantastical Instagram fodder, and a much-needed sense of humor. (Remember that?) The following Top 50 list is a taste of what saved us from ourselves this year, presented in no particular order because there’s no way we’re going to decide between Unicorn Frappuccinos, lightsaber churros, and Drew Barrymore’s newfound cannibalism.

The Museum of Ice Cream crash-landed in LA and San Francisco. Miami’s next.

museum of ice cream food & wine screenchow

To give you an idea of how many tickets have been torn at the Museum of Ice Cream over the past year, New York Magazine declared co-founder Maryellis Bunn “The Millennial Walt Disney” in a major long read just last month. While that may seem like a stretch to some cynics, New York‘s kind of right; few social media-savvy entrepreneurs have capitalized on the #FOMO-fueled rise of Instagram quite like this traveling selfie factory. May we suggest a gallery full of giant smoothie bowls and avocado toast next?

Eggo embraced its role on “Stranger Things.”

stranger things eggos food & wine screenchow

When the Duffer Brothers snuck Eggo’s frozen waffles into the first season of Stranger Things—Netflix has a policy against product placement deals—the Kellogg’s brand embraced the free publicity with Twitter nods and a nostalgic Super Bowl spot. But the love affair didn’t stop there; the rollout for round two included, shall we say, inventive recipes, idiosyncratic promo items, and several on-screen cameos, including a ‘triple decker’ twist that makes IHOP look healthy.

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