Tullamore Dew’s Latest Spots Boldly Address Immigration to the U.S.

Irish whiskey brand Tullamore Dew champions the ways in which “blend” makes the world a more interesting place–and it’s not only talking about blended whiskey. The campaign also addresses the topic of immigation–with TV, and, in what seems to be a growing marketing trend, with DNA testing kits that allow people to find out more about their heritage.

To illustrate how Tullamore is one of the only Irish whiskey brands to use a triple blend of all three types of the liquor, the campaign includes two spots that center on blended cultures and diversity.

A one-minute spot, seen here, makes a rather politically charged point about immigration. With the title “No Irish Need Apply,” it boldly addresses the history of Irish immigration to the U.S. “Who built the bridges and scraped the city skies?” asked the barman, remembering the times when landlords would regularly advertise “No blacks or Irish” for tenants. “Blend is the backbone of this place,” he goes on to add, and raises a toast to the “beauty of blend” as he sits down next to his wife, who sits smiling off to the side, and who also happens to be black.

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