Wendy’s social media strategy uses sass to create an identifiable brand

Wendy’s iconic Twitter presence took off when 17-year-old Carter Wilkerson asked how many retweets he needed for a year’s supply of nuggets and the Ohio-based chain responded, “18 million.” This off-handed, casual reply was part of Wendy’s core values as a witty chain that takes food seriously, but not themselves.

Part of establishing this distinct voice is Wendy’s scale of sassiness. By establishing their voice as quick-witted and bold, Wendy’s is able to set their brand up for recognition and foreground their commitment to genuine conversation. Though every tweet might not be destined for viral greatness, Wendy’s engagement certainly leads to more interaction.

“At Wendy’s, we encourage talking with our followers just like we talk with our friends – we aim to make it a fun conversation on the consumers’ terms,” said Meredith Ulmer, Wendy’s social media manager. “With real-time social engagements, we’re able to bring our brand voice to life more than ever before.”

Revitalizing your social media strategy can be as simple as taking a page out of Wendy’s playbook. By foregrounding the importance of one-on-one interaction, you have the chance to consistently speak with your brand’s voice, which makes your company recognizable and relatable across channels.

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