McDonald’s & Coke Team up on a Big Mac Can

We’re loving some of the creativity that’s coming out of Big Mac’s 50th anniversary this year.

As well as TBWA’s posters depicting the burger as a constant in a world of changing culture, Brazilian ad agency DPZ&T persuaded Coke to create a limited-edition can with a Big Mac-inspired design. The design reflects the burger’s recipe: two patties, lettuce, cheese, special sauce, onions and pickles on a sesame seed bun.

Cans are being delivered to influencers and superfans across Latin America, who are being encouraged to share their reactions on social networks by using the hashtag #BigMacCan. Each can will come inside a special version of the traditional Big Mac packaging accompanied by a letter thanking them for their support.

Dan Gertsacov, CMO for McDonald’s in Latin America, says of the project in a statement: “Five decades deserve a great celebration. This is why we decided to show the power of this partnership that has always worked out; after all, a Big Mac with Coca-Cola is an ongoing perfect combination.”

from Creativity-Online: