Burger King created a whole new way for consumers to have it their way in Spain. There, along with its agency Lola MulllenLowe Madrid, it debuted a social campaign that allowed consumers to customize a Whopper through Instagram. Nine different stories featured the burger’s various ingredients, which users could change up using polls. Completing the polls would generate a special coupon that Burger King would send to the users through a direct message, and the consumers could then head over to the nearest BK to redeem their customized Whoppers for free.

instagram whoppers

That was just the first part of the campaign, however. Burger King pooled all the data collected from the polls to inform its newest menu item–The InstaWhopper–a limited-run offering that patrons could purchase at Burger King in Spain. The most-preferred burger features a double patty with cheese, bacon, ketchup, mayo, lettuce, onion and tomatoes–but no pickles, which turned out to be the least-popular ingredient.

According to the agency, the “Stories Ordering” campaign saw more than 270,000 interactions, the creation of nearly 35,000 customized Whoppers and a 5,000 follower Instagram jump.

Lola MullenLowe Madrid was also behind the Burger King campaign that allowed gamers to order Whopper delivery–from inside the Playstation universe.


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