Dos Equis doesn’t even try to keep it real in its latest hyperbole-filled campaign

Dos Equis, long promoted by the ‘Most Interesting Man in the World’ is keeping the tales tall in its latest campaign. The Mexican beer is exaggerating the truth – and telling flat-out lies, in humorous fashion – as it tells drinkers to ‘Keep it Interesante’ when telling bar stories.

The new campaign expands on the ‘interesting’ aspect of the beer, made famous by Jonathan Goldsmith’s ‘most interesting’ character. Instead of featuring the unbelievable exploits of just one individual, however, the new campaign puts the fantastical storytelling into the hands of its drinkers, encouraging them to keep the conversation interesting by telling “better versions” of the truth. To demonstrate, the brand gives them some examples.

In one ad, it tells of Abraham Lincoln keeping a Dos Equis beer under his stovepipe hat. In another, two older Swedish folks praise the beer as the voice-over says it is “Sweden’s most celebrated cerveza.” One other says that on a clear night, with a telescope, you can still see the six pack of Dos Equis the Mexican astronauts left on the moon.

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