Super Bowl LII: KIND Snacks Takes a $6 Million Stand

As a self-described “non-conformist brand,” KIND isn’t heading to the Super Bowl on Sunday—but it is making a payment in KIND. Instead of spending north of $5 million on a single 30-second Super Bowl commercial, it’s giving away $6 million worth of KIND bars—or 3 million bars—in a massive sampling program that kicks off today.

It’s the brainchild of CEO Daniel Lubetzky, KIND explains, adding that it’s “not good at making commercials. We’re good at making snacks. And what’s more important, the commercials you watch during the Super Bowl or the snacks you’ll be eating? Yeah, we think so too. So, instead of dropping a hefty $6MM on a 30-second spot during next Sunday’s big game, we’re giving out $6MM worth of KIND bars to people across the country (Pats and Eagles fans included).”

“Don’t believe us? Watch this video of our Founder and CEO making the promise. The production is not going to win any awards. But we aren’t in it for the awards. We’re not even in it for the love of the game (though a Tom Brady fourth quarter comeback will get our hearts racing). Like many of the 114M million people who will tune in on Feb 4th, we’re in it for the love of SNACKS.”

The kicker: “For KIND, sampling has always been the way to win.”

from BrandChannel: