10 Things We Learned About Wendy’s Twitter From Its Reddit AMA

Social media marketing nerds got an early Christmas present Thursday, as Wendy’s Twitter account sat down for a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” Q&A.

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The specific marketing execs who took part in the Q&A weren’t identified—Wendy’s answered questions using the wendys_irl Reddit handle—but likely included Meredith Ulmer, the senior social media specialist who leads the fast-food chain’s team of community managers (working with creative shop VML).

The lengthy Q&A was amusing. And it shined some light on some of the behind-the-scenes dynamics of the @Wendys account, which has 2.2 million followers and remains a pioneering presence among brands on the platform.

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Below are 10 things we learned from the team behind @Wendys:

1)    They have plenty of favorite individual tweets.
2)    They have lots of respect for other fun brand accounts.
3)    They love to roast McDonald’s.
4)    But roasting McDonald’s requires corporate-level approval, where many other
tweets don’t.
5)    They’ve gotten pushback from Wendy’s corporate on some tweets.
6)    It’s a demanding job, and not an easy one to get.
7)    But ROI is a bit of a mystery.
8)    They get menu questions all the time.
9)    They also get questions about Wendy the redhead.
10)  They’re as quick-witted as ever.

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