Ronaldinho Stars in This ‘Blade Runner’-Inspired Ad for Heineken

We all know that Bud Light is the official beer of American football, but what about everyone else’s football (also know as soccer)—what’s the official beverage there? Dutch beer brand Heineken is stepping up to the plate (or maybe the goal line) in an attempt to snag that title. With its UEFA Champions League tournament sponsorship and a new, three-part advertising campaign, each headed up by a famous football star, the beer brand is strongly establishing the Heineken-soccer connection with a cinematic twist.

The advertisements each play like short films. The first is entitled “The Wall” and features a Blade Runner-style science fiction vibe. In it, Brazilian football player Ronaldo de Assis Moreira (also known to fans by the nicknames Ronaldinho or Ronaldinho Gaucho) takes on a team of opponents in a futuristic soccer-like game.


Set in the 18th century, “The Last Duel” puts former Polish goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek in a very muddy face-off outside of a chateau. Meanwhile, “The Chase” presents Dutch striker Ruud van Nistelrooy in a Jason Bourne-like scenario. Van Nistelrooy flees a group of challengers through mobbed streets in the pouring rain, toppling racks of postcards along the way, of course.

In each installment, Heineken-holding spectators look on in silent awe. Naturally, each of the football stars invariably defeat their adversaries and fans celebrate with cheers and (of course) sips of Heineken. The ads end with the slogan “Sharing the Drama Since 2005.”

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