Schweppes Wants Consumers to ‘Like It Like That’ and Drink It Straight

Schweppes is a beverage that is considered a mixer with a spirit. In this whimsical naval spot, it aims to encourage consumers to drink it straight with its new strategic brand platform “I like it like that.”

The beverage brand tasked TBWA\Paris with creating a campaign that would transform Schweppes into an “aperitif” consumed before dinner that people would look forward to daily and on the go.

The one-minute and four-second spot features a crew on a submarine emerging from the depths and setting up a bar on deck to enjoy a drink together and relax.

Directed by Fredrik Bond, the cinematic film is choreographed to emulate musicals from the 50s and 60s alongside the 1967 title track “I Like it Like That” by Pete Rodriguez.

“To emphasize and amplify the disconnection moment, we placed workers on a stressful job in an upbeat Westside Story setting to show that a Schweppes aperitif is not like any other, it’s uplifting and effervescent, it switches the mood,” explained Benjamin Marchal, executive creative director for TBWA\Paris.

from AdWeek