Domino’s Pizza and Google Pixel collab on greasy hands influencer unboxing drive

With unboxing a hot trend in the YouTube-sphere, Domino’s Pizza and Google have embarked on an unusual influencer drive blending Italy’s finest export and the tech giant’s latest smartphone.


A campaign from VMLY&R is delivering pizza and Pixel 4 boxes to select influencers. Packaging was designed to house the handset for an extra surprise. It is housed in a spot called ‘Premium Topping’.

AdAge reports that the campaign was conceived to showcase the Pixel 4’s handsfree functions, so users can grasp greasy pizza while operating the device.

The mobile paraphernalia is stored in a ‘side orders’ box. It even urges users to order Domino’s through voice command, with it integrated into Google assistant.

Around 50 creators will receive a box and drive the campaign.

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