When a brand has an existential crisis, it tends to express itself in less-than-conventional ways.

While changing the font or the color of their mark has become status quo, lately new identities have been more than just decorative—they’ve adopted a character limit.

We’ve seen stunts in which brands change single letters in their name temporarily, to companies that have decided to remove punctuation marks to distance themselves from controversy and, well, some that figured abbreviating their names to acronyms or initialisms would simplify their cultural footprint (or potentially create an influx of new business).

Enter the artist formerly known as Dunkin’ Donuts, which has announced that it’s removing, in stages, the word “donuts” from all of its branding to create “a shorter, simpler more modern version of who they’ve always been,” according to CMO Tony Weisman.

The change goes into full effect in January.

The announcement didn’t go unnoticed as people attempted to poke donut holes in the move. Below, a sprinkling of some reactions from the Twittersphere.

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