For most people, Labor Day is about picnics, shopping sales and a needed day off before the school year begins. But one in every four workers in the US will be working this Labor Day, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Longtime coffee brand Maxwell House knows the meaning of the day is to honor hard working Americans, like one the company is featuring in a Labor Day campaign.

The #LaborOnLaborDay program honors hardworking Americans like Ron Kline, a semi-truck driver from Loudonville, Ohio. Kline has been referred to as America’s hardest working man and has worked for over 53 years without taking a day off. As a short film profiles Kline and his family, showing how hard he works every day, Maxwell House ends the film by giving Ron a big gift – his first family vacation this Labor Day.

The brand is extending its day off offer to all Americans working on Labor Day the chance to win a paid day off. All workers can tweet @Maxwell_House using #LaborOnLaborDay and #contest and share a photo of themselves or someone they know working on Labor Day. Those who tweet using the hashtag will be entered to win a paid day off. A dedicated website has more details.

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