Everyone knows yogurt is good for you, right? But many of the acidophilus bombs found on grocery store shelves are also packed with sugar–enough to make the sour goop taste more like candy to a public weaned on high-fructose corn syrup.


Enter Siggi’s, a yogurt brand that’s been making inroads against more established competitors like Chobani, which specializes in Greek yogurt. Siggi’s is skyr, a high-protein yogurt from Iceland. Most flavors the brand offers are unsweetened, and the others only lightly so.

A new series of spots from Office of Baby plays up the ways too much sweetness might be unwelcome, with a few cringey vignettes. A doting man awakens his partner (if they’re not in a relationship, this takes a very dark turn) with way too many balloons. And celebratory tattoos aren’t always welcome, even when the likeness is spot on. Or maybe especially when the likeness is spot on.

The short videos were made to catch eyes on platforms like Hulu or social media, where viewers are predisposed to tuning out. The spots were directed by O Positive director Kenny Herzog.

from Ad Age: