McDonald’s Recruitment Campaign? The burger joint takes on-the-job training to the extreme in silly posters

Nobody’s perfect. And if you want to work at McDonald’s, you don’t have to be.

At least, that’s the message the fast food giant wants to send to entry-level workers in Europe. A new series of posters from TBWA Belgium features “McMistakes,” wacky permutations of improperly prepared McDonald’s food. Soft serve in a clamshell burger box! A Big Mac stuffed into a fry sleeve! French fries in a McFlurry cup! (Actually, fries dipped in a McFlurry are great, but that’s not the point.)

They’re the kind of mistakes that would get a kid on an ’80s sitcom fired. But these days, it’s fine (in the EU, anyway). McDonald’s says it wants to “Hire on attitude, train on skills.” In other words, bring a smile, and they’ll help you figure out the rest.

The posters are running inside McDonald’s restaurants in Belgium–exactly the kind of place teens with no work experience would be most likely to spot them.

from Creativity-Online: