Diageo launches VR series to show dangers of binge drinking

Diageo has introduced a new virtual reality experience that will immerse consumers in a first person, interactive story about the dangers of binge drinking, as part of its commitment to reduce harmful drinking.

It builds on the drinks business’s 2016 launch of ‘Decisions’, a 360-degree experience that placed consumers in the front seat of a fatal drink-driving crash.

diageo VR

73% of people who viewed the film said they were more likely to stop other people from drinking and driving, while 75% said they would prevent drinking and driving by planning ahead with a designated driver.

“We’re continuing to use virtual reality technology for social responsibility initiatives because the immersive experience brings to life the terrifying realities and dangers associated with binge drinking,” says James Thompson, chief marketing and innovation officer, Diageo North America.

“While drunk driving and underage drinking are at historic lows, binge drinking rates have remained stable. Diageo has long been recognised as an industry leader in responsible drinking programming, and our hope is to build on our previous successes with virtual reality to reach our audience on an emotional level and prevent future detrimental impaired decisions associated with binge drinking.”

Read more at Diageo.com: https://www.diageo.com/en/news-and-media/features/consumers-experience-first-person-perspective-of-binge-drinking-tragedies-in-virtual-reality-series/