Baskin-Robbins uses ‘Got Me Like’ meme speak in ice cream campaign

Baskin-Robbins has launched an ad campaign that leverages the popular ‘Got Me Like’ meme to capture the joy of ice cream for younger audiences.

‘Baskin-Robbins Got Me Like’ marks a strategic shift for the brand, away from product-focused advertising to a more emotion-driven brand campaign, which was created by Baskin-Robbins’ agency of record, 22squared.

The campaign uses bright colors, music, dance, internet memes, animation, pompadours and overall silliness to convey an upbeat message. According to a release, the campaign idea came about when the 22squared creative team tried to describe the joyous feeling that comes from Baskin-Robbins ice cream, and continually referenced the commonly shared Got Me Like gifs. The creatives realized that the gif perfectly articulated the joy of eating Baskin-Robbins, so they made that the centerpiece of the campaign.

Curt Mueller, senior vice president-creative director at 22squared, said: “We set out to create a campaign that gets attention and gets people talking about the brand in a new and different way. Our partners at Baskin-Robbins had the vision and passion to embrace a totally new creative direction. Our friends at Psyop helped us create an entirely new language for the brand; one that represents how we want a younger audience to see Baskin-Robbins, an iconic brand with a rich history.”

To execute the campaign, 22squared teamed with Psyop, creating over 50 animations and content pieces. The work combines the visual style of Internet memes and the classic Baskin-Robbins color palette. It was made to appeal to a younger demographic, one which places value on experiences over things.

Dave Nagel, senior director of consumer engagement at Baskin-Robbins, stated: “Our new ‘Baskin-Robbins Got Me Like’ campaign does a great job of translating the joy our customers feel when they visit our shops into our advertising in a way that is fresh and relevant for today’s consumer. The joyful spirit of the work is contagious, and we feel it truly celebrates all of the delicious ways guests can enjoy our premium ice cream flavors in-store.”

The campaign launches through digital channels this week and on TV in mid-April. Over 25 gifs from the campaign will be distributed via gif-powering platform Tenor.


from The Drum: