Whopper sniffing dog trained to bring burgers to the visually impaired

Burger King certainly isn’t above doing stunts, and the latest has gone to the dogs.

The burger chain has apparently trained a guide dog to sniff out Whoppers for the visually impaired.

Burger King is helping a visually impaired burger fan in the UK find his way to the nearest outlet of the restaurant. The stunt came about after 29-year-old Whopper lover Nathan Tree asked the chain to train his guide dog to sniff his way to the nearest Burger King restaurant.

To make his wish come true, the King enlisted a trainer to guide Tree’s faithful companion, Flynn – who never leaves his owner’s side and guides Nathan through everyday life – to detect the man’s favorite burger.

As the newly positioned “Whopper Dog,” Flynn can lead his owner to the closest Burger King restaurant whenever Nathan’s cravings strike.

“At Burger King, we are proud to welcome all fans who share the same passion for flame-grilled Whoppers at our restaurants. The Whopper dog film is a great example of how we can raise positive awareness around important issues, whilst bringing everyone together to enjoy their favorite flame-grilled burgers,” said Alasdair Murdoch, chief executive of Burger King UK.

The nearly three-minute video of Tree shows the legally-blind ice hockey player saying how he came up with the idea, and how Flynn went through the training to be a Whopper detector.

“I didn’t know if it was really possible, I just thought it was a cool idea,” said Tree in the video.

After over two weeks of tough training, Flynn is now able to distinguish the scent of the flame-grilled burger. As a test, the pair traveled to Paris, and Tree challenged Flynn to find him a Burger King, which he triumphantly does. It’s a stunt gone very right for the chain, and one they encourage people to follow on social through the hashtag #WhopperDog.

from The Drum: http://www.thedrum.com/news/2018/04/13/whopper-sniffing-dog-trained-bring-burgers-the-visually-impaired