Carl’s Jr.’s ‘Ready Player One’ Steven Spielberg Homage: SpielBurgers

Get ready to say “Make me a Ready Player One with everything.” Carl’s Jr., the 1,630-unit U.S. burger chain that’s sibling to Hardee’s, will rename its mini-burgers in honor of director Steven Spielberg, whose new movie Ready Player One opens Thursday.

In a move that will thrill punsters everywhere (and make others groan), the $1 Charbroiled Slider will be renamed, temporarily, as SpielBurgers—a limited time offer at Carl’s Jr. only, which no longer sharesadvertising creative with Hardee’s.

The temporary renaming of the chain’s value burger (from March 29th through late April) is being promoted in the spot and with short videos across the brand’s social media media channels  starting today. Each film homage has its own SpielBurgers word mark inspired by each movie’s logo.