Perrier Just Remade Its Most Famous Ad, ‘Lion,’ Three Decades Later

Almost three decades after its spot “Lion,” directed by Jean-Paul Goude, stormed the Cannes Lions festival, winning the Grand Prix in Film, Perrier has rolled out a remake of sorts—with everything on an intentionally smaller scale.

The original spot, an absolute classic from Ogilvy Paris, featured a woman and a lion fighting over a bottle of Perrier. Created in 1990, it won the top prize at Cannes the following summer.

See the spot here:

Twenty-eight years later, Ogilvy Paris is still on the Perrier account (after briefly ceding it to Publicis in the mid-1990s). And it just made a “Lion” sequel to advertise Perrier Fines Bulles—a line extension of Perrier that has a different carbonation process resulting in smaller bubbles.

And so, everything in the new spot is smaller, too. The woman is now a girl, the lion is now a cub. “Even the music, although intentionally reminiscent of its predecessor, is now smaller sounding,” Ogilvy tells us.

See the new spot here:

The new ad, like the old one, was filmed in South Africa—though by a different director, Johnny Green.

“With this new film, we pay homage to the heritage of Perrier,” Green says. “We sense moves that remind us of a similar story yet stay surprised and amazed and driven by suspense, until we’re rewarded by the iconic remake of the confrontation for the Perrier bottle … of Fines Bulles.”

Ogilvy Paris tells us the biggest challenge of the production “was to keep the strength of the idea inherent in this mythical movie, which is a true reference in France, while modernizing it, and adding more finesse, in keeping with Perrier Fines Bulles. The styling of the little girl, the re-orchestration of the original music, the calibration, all these details were thought through in updating this classic.”

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