Michael Angelo’s: NONNA, by Butler, Shine & Stern & Partners

In a nod to its authentic Italian roots and heritage, premium Italian frozen food brand Michael Angelo’s is launching its first advertising campaign from new agency Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners.

The debut advertising for the brand pays tribute to the company’s founding muse, Grandma “Nonna” Foti, whose recipes led her Granddaughter Sara and Great-Grandson Michael Angelo, to found the gourmet Italian food brand. Sovos Brands recently acquired Michael Angelo’s and is investing in building the brand through an integrated advertising and marketing campaign developed by creative agency BSSP, with Current Marketing handling PR.

The launch campaign features three digital films with an uncompromising Nonna who sees the word “no” as a badge of honor – saying no to sub-par ingredients, preservatives, fillers and more. The tagline for the advertising is “It tastes good to say no,” a line that reinforces the high standards of each Michael Angelo’s dish.

The three ads take a humorous approach to showing the lengths to which Nonna goes to make Michael Angelo’s signature lasagna, shrimp scampi and eggplant parmesan. One spot shows three family members sitting on a plastic covered couch anxiously awaiting the meal to be served, while Nonna patiently stirs the sauce on the stove, saying “no” to an early nibble. Another shows her carefully inspecting an eggplant before deeming it unsuitable and sending both the delivery man and insulting “night shade” on their way.

BSSP will expand the advertising into an integrated social campaign and a revised website that will launch in early 2018.

from The Drum: http://www.thedrum.com/creative-works/project/butler-shine-stern-partners-bssp-michael-angelos-nonna