Disasters can strike anywhere — even with your pizza. It could get cold, or the dog could eat it. It could fall into a puddle or get run over by a bus. Whatever happens to it, Domino’s is now claiming that it will “insure” your pizza by replacing it with another one completely for free.

The fast food brand’s latest campaign, by Crispin Porter & Bogusky, has fun with this idea with a couple of spots. In one, seen here, a guy’s pizza survives a tree falling on his car, but is then ruined when he slips on the ice. Another spot sees the pizza in advertently left on the roof of a car.

According to CP&B, in order for customers to get a replacement pie, carryout orders must be returned to the same store, uneaten and in original packaging, within two hours of purchase. Basically “anything” is covered as long as the food is returned uneaten– although be warned, it won’t work if you changed your mind about the topping, as the replacement must match the original.

from Ad Age:

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