Yann Secouet Directs Surreal Delicarton Film For Heinz’s New ‘Soup Of The Day’ Range

76’s Yann Secouet serves up his latest spot for Heinz. Teaming up with BBH and Hogarth, ‘Delicarton’ introduces Heinz new ‘Soup of the day’ range. The film explores an escapist moment. Starting in a deli, we see the soup make itself, the ingredients coming together perfectly until the ‘ping’ of the microwave snaps us out of the dream world and back to reality.  The spot combines many of Yann’s passions; Beautiful food photography, in-camera techniques, stop motion and the ability to deliver a complex narrative effortlessly.

from LBB Online: https://lbbonline.com/news/yann-secouet-directs-surreal-delicarton-film-for-heinzs-new-soup-of-the-day-range/