Halo Top says to ‘stop shoulding yourself’ and enjoy ice cream

If staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic has taught people anything about dining, perhaps it’s that a pint of ice cream is best enjoyed while dancing around in one’s underwear. Sure, it’s something people may have done before shelter-in-place became the norm, but it takes on new meaning when there’s little else to do and no reason to go out. 


Halo Top’s new campaign showcases a woman enjoying her pint of the lower-calorie, higher-protein ice cream while strutting her stuff around her apartment. The concepts of letting go, enjoying dessert and ignoring the pressures of the world could work at other times, but the work was shot in mid-May and has a bit of a COVID-19 ad feel.

“Stop Shoulding Yourself” is Halo Top’s first major campaign since it was acquired by Wells Enterprises in September. It comes from its new agency of record, Deloitte Digital’s Heat, which also works with the Wells brand Bomb Pop.

In the “Dance” spot, a woman is shown happily ignoring the “should” messages that might run through her mind, such as whether she “should” lose weight, work out more, eat more salads, and skip dessert, as she prances around to a tune by Mama Haze. The dining dancer stops in her tracks as a woman spots her from her own apartment window. After a brief pause, she goes right back to her dancing and eating her Halo Top.

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