Diageo tentatively tests a return to YouTube after its brand safety scare

Diageo is toying with a return to YouTube after concerns around the efficiency of the platform’s brand safety measures triggered a two-year hiatus.


The Guinness owner is running a series of “scaled trials” in the US, India and select countries in Europe to test the effectiveness of YouTube’s latest brand safety updates. The tests are being supported using third-party brand safety technology and reporting tools.

“They’ve been going well so far,” Isabel Massey, global digital director at Diageo, told The Drum. “But we’re monitoring them really closely, so we will certainly continue to test and learn and make sure we’re doing the right thing.”

The business has made it clear it will only consider a full return to YouTube if its experiment confirms that the Google-owned platform meets the standards outlined in Diageo’s Trusted Marketplace programme, introduced in 2017 to make sure the brand gets the best value from its media buys.

Massey explained: “What we’ve been doing is working with YouTube to make sure that the changes they’ve made themselves, and the changes we’ve made as part of our own progress uphold the standards we believe are important.”

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