Bushmills wants to get its 400-year-old brand back on people’s radar

The Bushmills name has been around since 1608. The company claims to be the world’s oldest licensed whiskey distillery.


Even with all that history, the brand only holds a 6% share in the Irish whiskey category, according to Nielsen.

“We’re not comfortable with our share,” said Bushmills brand director Jeffrey Schiller. “We definitely want more of it. As Ireland’s oldest whiskey distillery, there’s something to say there.”

With creative agency Virtue at its side, Bushmills kicked off its reinvigoration efforts in January with the launch of its ‘Red. Set. Go.’ campaign. Now it’s taking on the responsibility of showing American’s what a true Irish St. Patrick’s Day is like.

Bushmills — again, partnering with Virtue — hosted a pre-St. Patrick’s Day pop-up in an old-school Brooklyn bar with Irish rock band Kid Karate. The whiskey maker emplored guests to “leave your green shit at home.” 

Read more at The Drum: https://www.thedrum.com/news/2019/03/11/bushmills-wants-get-its-400-year-old-brand-back-peoples-radar


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