Dunkin’ makes quirky ‘Espresso-Wear’ for hands-free coffee on-the-go

Back when America ran on Dunkin’, spilled coffee was just a fact of life. It’s hard to keep a hot beverage level when you’re on the go. Now the donut chain’s newest campaign from BBDO, “Sipping is Believing,” imagines an ultra-mobile, hands-free java drinking universe–with the help of an innovative clothing line.

A long-form digital spot (above) backed by a folksy earworm describes a new line of clothes that make carrying multiple coffee cups a breeze. Choose from carpenter-style Cappu-chinos, Americano-veralls in casual denim and the Latte-nk Top for those who travel light but want to keep a coffee handy. Unfortunately, none of the pieces are actually for sale (but keep an eye out for Etsy impersonators in the coming months).

Two TV spots also tout the surprising quality of Dunkin’s espresso drinks: Subtitles help hospital workers communicate when their mouths refuse to move from their cups, and coffee gets complaining coworkers through the day (and helps them deal with their tiny boss).

from Creativity-Online: https://adage.com/creativity/work/dunkin-espresso-wear/959776