Sodastream, Soon to Be Owned By PepsiCo, mocks classic Coke Ad.

SodaStream is keeping up its attacks on big beverage companies, despite the fact that it will soon be owned by one. The home-soda making brand today released a new spot that spoofs Coke’s classic “Hilltop” ad.

SodaStream is about to become a part of Coke competitor PepsiCo as a result of a $3.2 billion acquisition that was announced in August and is expected to close in January. And while the new ad mocks a classic Coke commercial, the environmental message could just as easily be taken as a shot at PepsiCo. Both Coca Cola Co. and PepsiCo sell plenty of bottled water packed in plastic bottles. The ad, which was created in-house, targets the environmental damage cause by single-use plastic bottles.

Coke’s 1972 Hilltop ad was shot on a sun-splashed, grassy hill in Italy, with a diverse cast singing the famous line, “I’d like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony.” The spot re-entered the public consciousness in 2015 when it was used in the finale of “Mad Men.”

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