Thanksgiving Turkey Tips Added To Foster Farms Mobile Platform

Foster Farms is adding features to its Dori mobile platform to provide Thanksgiving dinner tips.

The poultry processor is adding QR codes on packages of Foster Farms fresh turkey for consumers to access the feature including recipe tips and cooking advice, in addition to Dori’s turkey helpline.

Tips in the mobile assistant include perfect roasting times and a spin-the-wheel dictionary to define terms on the turkey label such as cage-free, free range and organic.

To promote the Dori mobile platform, Foster Farms is launching a social media campaign allowing consumers to match their Thanksgiving personalities with humorous Dori emojis.

“We know consumers always want their Thanksgiving to be the best ever, and DORI delivers the information in-store or at home that can help,” stated Ira Brill, director of communications for Foster Farms.

In related turkey news, the annual Butterball Turkey Talk Line was integrated into Amazon’s smart agent Alexa earlier this month.

from Media Post: