MillerCoors Sends New Cape Line Brand to Energy BBDO

If we were tasked with coming up with an alcoholic beverage we might want to drink ourselves, we probably would not develop something best described as containing “about half the sugar and calories, on average, of leading flavored malt-base beverages.”


But then, to each his own. Free countries and free markets are far better for advertising, so who’s up for some flavored malt liqours?

MillerCoors has named Chicago’s Energy BBDO as AOR for its upcoming Cape Line brand after a competitive review. The news first went live on the client’s blog Friday.

The release says the line “will be made with six ingredients, none of them artificial,” including cane sugar. So it’s technically gluten free.

“The brand hits two sweet spots in the market: consumers’ desire for flavor and for lower calories,” it continues.

Here’s the critical line, though: “It will enter a space that’s outperformed the beer industry as a whole over the 52-week period ended August 4, according to Nielsen all-outlet and convenience data.”

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